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Simple Living: 20 Ways to Simplify Your Life

Living a simple life is a life where you strip away the nonessential and focus your time and energy on the things that matter to you. A simple life is a life filled with meaning, one that you live on your own terms.

And the way to that is simple:

1. Identifying what most important to you

2. Eliminating what is distracting you from doing them

While this might sound easy, applying it is another. Below is an incomplete list of ideas to help you find ways to simplify your life. Make a list of the things that you can apply to different areas of your life and apply one at a time.

#1. Make a list of the things that are most important to you.

Simplifying starts with priority. To make more room for the things that are most important to you, you’ll need to free some time that is otherwise being wasted on things that aren’t as important to you. And the best way to do that is by identifying your priorities and writing them down.

#2. Identify your time wasters.

Make a list of the things you spend most of your time on from the moment you wake up to the time you go to sleep and evaluate whether they’re aligned with your priorities or not. Then figure out ways to eliminate those times wasters.

#3. Simplify your tasks.

Whether it’s work or home-related tasks, always find ways to make them simpler. If you can’t get everything on your to-do list done, try to eliminate what has little value and always start with the most important tasks.

#4. Say No more often.

Whatever isn’t aligned with your priorities, don’t do it. If you need to spend time working or with your family, don’t hesitate to say No to a party invitation.

#5. Limit your social media consumption.

Stay away from your phone and watch less TV in order to find time for more important things.

#6. Declutter.

Downsize your closet and home. Give away or throw what you don’t need “right now”. Your peace of mind should be more important than the need to impress others.

#7. Limit your buying habits.

What's the use of decluttering when you’re going to buy more! The decision of limiting your buying habits should be taken before decluttering. If you don’t need it “right now”, don’t buy it. People think that buying more will make them happy, little do they know that happiness can be found in needing less.

#8. Learn to live frugally.

A frugal life isn’t just about buying less, but most importantly, it’s about needing less.  

#9. Make your home minimalist.

A minimalist home where you only find what’s necessary is not only easy to clean, but also peaceful.

#10. Consider a smaller home.

Decluttering your home and living a minimalist life will enable you to find enough space in a smaller home, not to mention that a smaller home is less expensive and easier to maintain.

#11. Clear your desk.

A cluttered desk can be distracting and stressful. Make sure your desk is clear before you start working.

#12. Establish a routine.

A routine can make your life simpler by saving you more time especially when it comes to getting ready in the morning.

#13. Plan your meals.

Figuring out what’s for dinner every night can be quite stressful. Plan your weekly meals ahead and if you can cook and freeze them, do it. This will also save you trips to the grocery store.

#14. Take the stairs.

You don’t need to go to the gym to stay fit, walking to your work, parking a bit farther or taking the stairs can be a great way to keep in shape.

#15. Read Simplify Your Life, by Elaine St. James.

If you're feeling overpowered, overextended, and overwhelmed, SIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE is the antidote, providing one hundred proven, practical steps for creating a simple and satisfying way of life

#16. Carry less stuff around.

Go with the rule one-bag, wherever you’re going, always carry one bag with you. Limiting yourself to one bag can help you pack fewer things.

#17. Auto-pay your bills.

It's one less task that can save you time.

#18. Live closer to your work.

Your work is your most frequent destination, and when you live closer to it, you save not only time but also money that otherwise spent on public transportation or fuel.

#19. Go without a car if you can.

Living without a car especially when other means of transportation are available can help you simplify your life, free you from the stress of the jams and give you time to reflect and think.

#20. Pay off your debt.

Debt can cause an important amount of stress, not to mention that it’s adding up so fast making it even harder to pay it off.


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