How to Be Frugal: 30 Frugal Living Tips To Try Today

People would think that doubling their income will be the solution for their financial problems, this is not true, it’s been proven that expenses go up as the income increases. The best solution to solve your financial problems and start saving is to live frugally and below is a list of practical tips you can apply today that will save you more money:

1. Track where your money goes and determine what you can cut back on.

2. Say no more often.

3. Live below your means.

4. Buy it only if you need it Now and not because you might need it someday.

5. Go with a smaller house and a smaller car.

6. Eat more meals at home. Plan your meals and freeze them to save money and time.

7. Drink more water, and replace juices and sodas with water.

8. Get a filter. So you can safely drink tap water and save on bottled water.

9. Buy in bulk. Bulk is cheaper but it also saves the environment unnecessary packaging.

10. Take care of your health. Practice more, keep the stress away and eat healthy this will save you on your medical bill.

11. Buy used when possible. There's no shame in buying second hand as long as it's in a good shape to be used.

12. Borrow if you’re going to need it one time.

13. If something breaks, learn how to fix it. Look for a tutorial on YouTube.

14. Increase debt repayment to save on interest repayment.

15. Learn how to make a good coffee at home.

16. Pack your lunch instead of eating out.

17. Line dry your clothes.

18. Switch to LED bulbs.

19. Get back on your bike.

20. Adopt a minimalist wardrobe.

21. Never go shopping without a list.

22. Cut out cable.

23. Use the library.

24. Sell your clutter.

25. Stop using credit cards; credit cards can make buying too easy and cost you a lot on interest. 

26. Improve your DIY.

27. Cut your own hair, use tutorials on YouTube to learn how to, or take a class.

28. Grow your own herbs and vegetables.

29. Buy clothes at the end of the season.

30. Insulate your walls to cut down on the heating bill.

Need encouragement to get started? here are some quotes to inspire you:

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