23 Small Kind Gestures That Will Make People Feel Incredibly Loved

They say the fastest way to lead a happier life is to help people. You might forget how many times you've smiled, but you won't forget the times you made someone else smile. Nothing can impressively boost your self-esteem and confidence like helping people can, when you help someone and change his life for the best even in the smallest area of his life, you'll sense how important and worthy you are because right then you know that you had made a difference in someone else's life, you had made a difference in the world. So don't underestimate the ability of a small kind gesture to change  the world and below are some idea to show kindness in many ways:

1- A meal for a homeless person.

2- Arrive on time whenever you have a meeting with someone else, that would be considerate of you.

3- Ask if you can help and help.

4- Be good to your neighbors, how could you eat knowing that your neighbor doesn't have food!

5- Forgive more.

6- Buy a coffee for the person behind you.

7- Buy gifts for your friends on their birthdays.

8- Donate what you don't use.

9- Call your family often.

10- Cook a meal for someone.

11- Donate used books to the library. If you really love books, then let them be useful and give them to someone else to read, don't keep them and let the dust gather upon them, just so you can have nice shelves to show out. (No offense, nothing is wrong with having a nice library at home).

 12- Stand by your friends when they have a hard time, sometimes the best kind of generosity would be giving people your time.

13- Leave a positive comment on a website or a blog, the world is already full of negativity.

14- If you're not in a hurry, let someone goes in the line in front of you.

15- Make a bird feeder.

16- Offer a couple of hours of free babysitting.

17- Say "good morning" and smile to people warmly. (I'm not going to say to greet strangers, but when it's someone you know, be the first to say Hi).

18- Visit someone who is sick.

19- Even when you're angry, keep your manners, no one deserves to be treated badly just because you're angry or something.

20- Be tolerant when it comes to differences in point of views and opinions, respect that everyone is free to live and think the way he wants.

21- Be grateful and say "thanks" whenever someone gives something to you or does anything for you. Say "sorry" when you're wrong, it doesn't matter if it was your family or your best friends, the world is already dry of gratitude and consideration, let's not make it ever dryer.

22- Start with helping your family, when you wash the dishes for your mom, you're already making her day easier for her. Helping shouldn't be only related to charities, it's actually a lifestyle.

23- Don't hurt people's feelings. That's sometimes the best act of kindness you can do. 

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