21 Relationship Advice From Happily Married Couples

Your relationship might not be perfect, but as long as it's making you a better person, and as long as you're learning from it, then it's worth it. Below are some precious lessons I've learned from relationships that no one will tell you:

1.        ‘Fight for each other not with each other’
2.       Do not go to bed angry. 
3.       If you want your relationship to have a chance in the future, make an effort to be a part of each other's present.
4.       Small Gifts Go a Long Way
5.       Express appreciation
6.       Let the small stuff go
7.       Ask for what you want directly
8.       Take quality time together no matter how busy you are
9.       Always share responsabilities
10.   Forgive and forget
11.   Serve each other cheerfully
12.   Hold hands whenever you can
13.   Pray for each other
14.   Cultivate your friendship
15.   Show each other respect and affection at all times
16.   Surround yourselves with supportive people
17.   Never, Never Forget to Ask About the Other Person’s Day
18.   Go to bed at the same time as often as you can
19.   Listen and give undivided attention
20.   Put Away Your Phones
21.   Get Over Needing to Be Right

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