8 Easy Tricks To Boost Your Self-Confidence And Overcome Anxiety

by - May 01, 2016

How many times we wanted to do a lot of things, yet we didn't just because we felt uncomfortable, we couldn't dare to be in the spotlight or just because we let our minds get wild with all the worst scripts anyone can imagine thinking that we don't have to do this, we can just live in peace and do the comfortable things we do! 

Well, the more you grow up, the more you'll sense the importance of building the skill of being a social person, that is if you want to go after your dreams! below are some easy tricks to help you manage your anxiety and boost your self-confidence:

1- Maintain supportive relationships:

Socialize and build relationships, that'll get you to feel more comfortable when you're around people, and that'll get you to see how easy it can be to show up, have conversations and even to be in the spotlight. Those little victories added up will make you believe that you actually can and will make you see that things are getting better with practicing. To have faith that you can do it, that's all that it takes!

2- Feel free to express yourself:

Don't be afraid to express yourself, open up and talk to people, how do you expect them to be kind to you, leave you in peace and stop judging you when you're being weird, by being distant and discreet, how do you expect them not to misunderstand you when you're being a mystery. How do you expect someone to love you when he knows nothing about you.

I used to be conscious about others' reaction, whether they were going to accept me or not. I was actually expecting the worse from them, therefore, it was easier for me not to open up, thinking that they won't judge me if they didn't know anything about me.

When I started talking to people, when I smiled for them and gave them attention, I saw how different they become with me.

I found out that the more I knew people, the less I feared them.

3- Maintain a positive attitude:

Everything is exactly as it looks like in your head, life can only be simple as much as you let it be. Life isn't a heaven, yet it still can be enjoyable though its problems if you only let it be. You can start with being grateful for the good in your life. Keep reminding yourself that you can be happy at any given moment no matter what you're facing.

4- It's okay to feel afraid and anxious:

It's not about not feeling any negative emotion, but it's about knowing how to deal with it, to know that it's totally normal to feel it, is the first step to deal with it.

A matter of fact that people can't do you any harm, you got to have confidence in yourself, that you're important, beautiful... and no one really is going to judge you or criticize you, if they did, then it would be a chance to learn how to deal with it, we don't aim to prevent intimidating situations, we aim to learn how to deal with it when it occurs. 

5- Divert attention away from yourself:

It can be a useful tactic, ask a question to the other person and let him answer. Changing the subject of the conversation whenever you're starting to feel uncomfortable or intimidated, can be really helpful.

6- Don't compare yourself to others:

It's easy to sit and envy others for how social and outgoing they are, that wouldn't change the fact that no one is perfect though. They still have their own insecurities. Anyway, it's not about being born a social person, it's about becoming one!

7- Learn from your mistakes:

Each time you have to deal with anxiety and it goes wrong, try to learn from it, what you did wrong and how you can improve your ways. Don't let failure hold you back, let it be a stepping to get even closer to your goal!

8- Take good care of yourself:

When you feel good from the outside, you'll eventually feel good from the inside. Be comfortable in your own skin, dress properly and choose the looks you love. Take care of your hygiene and exercice regually, it can impressively boost your self-confidence.

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