15 Naked Truths About Relationships Everyone In Love Should Know

A relationship is a work of two, both of you should be learning from your mistakes if you ever want to work it out. And though you came to learn a lot about your partner, you can't stop learning about him and about your relationship, the more you think you figured things out, the more you find out a lot more to learn, below are some important truths everyone in love should know:

1- You can't control your partner, not even blaming him for anything he did, for the simple fact that everyone is free and no one has the right to judge people. You can't ask your partner to compromise himself for you. It's a take it all or leave it all.

2- A relationship is a work of two, if you want to make it, then both of you needs to put in the effort and show all the love and the care, if you want something to change in your relationship, then both of you need to change. It takes both sides to build a bridge!

3- When a man feels like he has no value, he'll think that his partner also has no value and that's why she's with him, there he's going to look for that value outside, and he's going to cheat on his partner. So make him feel his value, compliment him and stand by him!

4- Having a perfect relationship needs communication as much as a private time, so you'll miss each other more. Everyone has to have his own life, a life that doesn't turn only around a partner.

5- You need to cherish your relationship sometimes with acts of love, it can be small deeds, but it certainly means a lot!

6- Love isn't blind, it's full of seeing, you see all his imperfections and you accept him just the same!

7- Having a good relationship doesn't necessary mean not to discuss problems, it's really healthy to find solutions together but you need to do it in the right way, anyway it's not about the problems, it's about the way you discuss it. And when you want to discuss the problem you have to be reasonable, figure out what you really want, and don't do it when you're angry!

8- It's dangerous to fall in love, but it's worth it. It won't be easy, or it is easy and simple indeed but our complexes is what makes it hard, might I add. 

9- You both, don't have to be perfect, but you have to be perfect for each other. Then you can say that you're meant for one another. A relationship is two persons from two different worlds, who are going to bridge those two worlds together.

10- In the tough time, instead of asking your partner to give up! give him some help, no matter if you're believing in him or not. If that's what they want to do, then just support them. It's not your dream, you don't have to like it, you just have to respect it and show support.

11- Love is perfect, but we're not, that's why sometimes our relationship can be so painful... Love is a beautiful dream that crashes down in front of our selfishness.

12- As being different, you may not be always able to be there for each other or to give help. It's okay, the intention is what counts.

13- To be in a relationship, means to make each other better, it may seem painful, uncomfortable, but it's worth it, so don't resist the change!

14- Don't expect happiness from a partner, happiness should come from within you. If you're not happy alone, you can't be happy in a relationship. A partner shouldn't make you miserable though!

15- No matter how bothering the problem is, never let it be much important than the person to be loved.

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