Difference Between Successful & Unsuccessful People

What makes people succeed is their ability to think for themselves. In other words, the unsuccessful is someone who lets himself be influenced and controlled by circumstances. He accepts whatever life throws in his way without putting up a fight and trying to change it. He doesn’t know what he wants from life and is spending all his time getting just that. He has lots of opinions, but they’re not his own. He’s too lazy to think for himself and that’s why his thoughts are usually controlled by the people surrounding him and the environment he’s living in.

Below is a list of traits that differentiate the successful from the unsuccessful inspired by “Outwitting the devil: The Secret to Freedom and Success” by Napoleon Hill

What makes some people unsuccessful?

1. They don’t have a definite, major purpose in life.

2. They lack self-confidence.

3. They will never accomplish anything that requires thought and effort.

4. They spend all he earns and more too, if They can get credit.

5. They will be sick from some real or imaginary cause, and calling to high heaven if They suffer the least physical pain.

6. They have little to no imagination that can allow them to come up with creative ideas to help solve people’s problems.

7. They lack enthusiasm and initiative to begin anything they are not forced to undertake, and they will plainly express their weakness by taking the line of least resistance whenever they can do so.

8. They are ill-tempered and lacking in control over their emotions.

9. Their personality has no magnetism and it doesn’t attract other people.

10. They have opinions on everything but accurate knowledge of nothing.

11. They neglect to cooperate with those around them, even their own family.

12. They make the same mistakes over and over again, never learning from their failures.

13. They are narrow-minded and intolerant on all subjects, ready to fight anyone who might disagree with them.

14. They expect everything of others but are willing to give little or nothing in return.

15. They might start many things but they complete nothing.

16. They complain about things around them but they will never tell you definitely how it can be improved.

17. They never reache decisions on anything if they can avoid it.

18. They eat too much and exercise too little.

19. They criticize others who are succeeding in their chosen calling.

20. They will tell a lie rather than admit their ignorance on any subject.

21. If they work for others, they will criticize them to their backs and flatter them to their faces.

In brief, they will work harder to get out of thinking than most others work in earning a good living.

What makes other people successful?

1. They are always engaged in doing something definite, through some well-organized plan which is definite. They have a major goal in life toward which they are always working, and many minor goals, all of which lead toward their central scheme.

2. The tone of their voice, the quickness of their step, the sparkle in their eyes, the quickness of their decisions clearly mark them as a person who knows exactly what he wants and is determined to get it, no matter how long it may take or what price he must pay.

3. If you ask them questions, they give you direct answers.”

4. They extend many favors to others, but accept favors sparingly or not at all.

5. If they do not know the answers they will say so frankly.

6. They take full responsibility of their actions and never make excuses for their shortcomings. They never blame others for their mistakes no matter if they deserve the blame.

7. They are an inspiration to all who come into contact with them.

In brief, they have a mind of their own and use it for all purposes.

Shortcuts to Success

• Be definite about what you want from life. Then create a plan to achieve it. And be willing to make sacrifices if necessary. 

• See your failures as temporary defeats and extract from it the seed of an equivalent success.

• Be willing to serve others. Look for ideas to solve others’ problems. It’s your way to wealth. Give some form of service useful to as many people as possible. Those who come up with creative ideas that solve people’s problems are the wealthiest. The bigger the problem they solve the bigger the paycheck.

• Recognize that your thoughts are your powerful tool to manifest your dreams. “All deeds follow thoughts. There can be no deeds without their having first been patterned in thought. Moreover, all thoughts have a tendency to clothe themselves in their physical counterpart. One's dominating thoughts, that is, the thoughts one mixes with the emotions, desire, hope, faith, fear, hate, greed, enthusiasm, not only have a tendency to clothe themselves in their physical equivalent, but they are bound to do so.” 
Start thinking like rich people.
• Recognize that time is your greatest asset. Use it wisely to achieve your dreams and waste none of it.

• Recognize that fear is a filler that occupies the unused portion of your mind. Don’t let fear creep in, and replace it with faith in your ability to succeed. “If your mind fears poverty, your mind will attract poverty. If your mind demands opulence and expects it, your mind will attract the physical and financial equivalents of opulence.”

• Recognize that life is hard, and it’s either you master it or it masters you. Be always grateful but never accept from life anything you do not want. Refuse it in your mind and it’ll make way for the things you do want.

• Don’t wait for an opportunity to be replaced in your way. Create an opportunity to fit your desires and demands of life.

“The person who thinks in terms of power, success, opulence, sets up a rhythm which attracts these desirable pos-sessions. The person who thinks in terms of misery, failure, defeat, discouragement, and poverty attracts these undesirable influences. This explains why both success and failure are the result of habit. Habit establishes one's rhythm of thought, and that rhythm attracts the object of one's dominating thoughts.”

In other words, if you know what you want from life, demand it and back your demand by a willingness to pay life's price for what you want, and refuse to accept any substitutes, you’re bound to get it.

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