How To Move On From Being Ghosted: 5 Ways to Deal with the Pain of Being Ghosted

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Suddenly disappearing from someone’s life without so much as a call or text, known as ghosting, has become a common phenomenon nowadays. Social media and popular dating apps are one of the major causes of the rise of this phenomenon in the modern dating world.

Even though being ghosted might not be like going through a breakup, still, it can be even more painful depending on how much feelings were invested into the relationship.

Below is a list of things to do when dealing with being ghosted:

#1. Understand Why People Ghost.

It’s important to give yourself reasons why someone has ghosted because otherwise, your alternative would be, « because I’m not worthy enough » which is far from being true. Usually, people ghost because of the following:

* Fear: even when they’re the ones to make the first move, after a while they might freak out and pull themselves out. As the relationship is getting more serious, they start realizing that they’re not ready for such commitment after all, especially if they didn’t imagine any future to the relationship in the first place.

* Avoiding conflicts: Breakups can be quite messy, that’s why some people choose to walk out peacefully, at least according to them, instead of facing any potential resistance that can happen during a breakup.

* Self-care: This a corollary to the previous point, when the relationship has become toxic to someone, they might feel like the right thing to do, is to distance themselves from them or even cut them off their lives for good.

#2. Decide That You’re Going To Move On.

Being ghosted with no much as a text might seem unfair. You might feel entitled to some answers, but oftentimes, there are no answers really. Set a limit of time and if you didn’t hear from him, make the decision of moving on as well. Even though it’s not that easy to move on, still it’s going to take that decision first.

#3. Take Care Of Yourself.

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During such times, some people might pretend that nothing is wrong and try to forget about the whole thing. It’s only healthy to grieve any unfortunate event in your life, it’s the only way you can make sure that you’re on your way to moving on completely. On the other hand, some people indulge in their sadness and might hurt themselves by numbing the pain with drugs, alcohol… it’s important to take care of yourself while grieving.

So slow down, practice affirmations, eat healthy and exercise.

#4. Surround Yourself With Supportive Relationships.

Seeking the companionship of the people you love and trust will help you deal with the hard time you’re going through. Even if you can’t tell them about it, the mere idea that you actually have people you love around you can help you heal and move on faster.

#5. Get It Off Your Chest.

Whether you tell someone you trust, or you just write it down, getting it off your chest will help you see things clearly and rationalize your thoughts. Also, it’ll help calm down your racing thoughts. You can also consider seeking a professional.

Tip: Try reaching out to a listener on 7 cups of tea

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