Fight Cold With These 5 All-Natural Home Remedies

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Medicine isn’t the only thing that can make your cold better. Below are some effective cold remedies you might consider, that will make you feel so much better.

(These remedies are generally for adults, if your child is having cold, then you should seek medical advice)

#1. Soothe a Sore Throat.

To help soothe your sore throat you can try to gargle with salt water, sore throat sprays or even hard candy.

#2. Sip Something Warm.

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Taking in warm liquids, such as herbal tea or chicken soup can soothe congestion and increase mucus flow.

#3. Blow Your Nose Often And The Right Way.

It’s important to blow your nose and not to sniffle the mucus back into your head. However, the pressure of blowing hard might cause earache. The right way to blow your nose is to press on one nostril while you gently blow the other.

#4. Breath In Some Steam.

Relieve your stuffy nose by breathing in some steam. Hold your head over a pot of boiling water and breath slowly but don’t let the heat burn your nose. You can take a hot shower or even use a humidifier in your bedroom to take in some moisture.

#5. Eat Cold-Fighting Food.

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Here is some food that will help you fight your cold. Make sure you consume anything with moderation:

  • Ginger. Few slices of raw ginger in boiling water can help soothe your sore throat and relieve nausea that comes with cold.
  • Honey. With a variety of antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, drinking honey in warm water will ease your sore throat pain.
  • Garlic. Rich in allicin, garlic can help reduce cold symptoms in general and according to some research adding garlic to your diet can prevent getting sick in the first place.
  • Vitamin C. vitamin C can reduce phlegm and prevent getting cold. Food like limes, oranges, leafy greens, pepper… can be rich in vitamin C.

Other Tips. 1. Sleep with an extra pillow under your head.

Elevating your head while sleeping will help relieve congested nasal passages.

2. Stay hydrated.

Warm lemon water with honey or even pure water will help prevent dehydration and loosen congestion.

3. Stay warm and rested.

Your energy is directed towards the immune battle. So, slow down and give your body a chance to heal itself.

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