7 Things You Should Do Before Getting Married

Getting married is moving from « all about me » to « all about we », the most important thing, is not to lose yourself in the process. This is why learning about yourself and what makes you happy, is an important thing to do before getting married. Below is a list of things you need to make sure you do them before tying the knot to ensure a long-lasting marriage :

1. Date.

You won’t know what you’re looking for in a life-time partner until you date and get to know other people. This will give you a baseline of comparisons providing you with a point of reference when it comes to your future spouse. Also, don’t be afraid to experience heartbreaks, they can only turn you into a much stronger individual.

2. Be financially independent.

Being independent financially by having a career or getting a part-time job and providing for yourself can teach you so much. For starters, you learn how to manage your finances better and make ends meet. This can only put you in the right place to start a life of wealth and prosperity.

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3. Live by yourself or with roommates.

Living alone teaches you so many things. You feel the responsibility of being independent, both financially and emotionally. Something that living with your parents or moving in with your partner can teach you.

4. Cherish your friendships

Surrounding yourself with supportive relationships with your friends and family is important even when you’re busy in a marriage. Make sure you call your friends whenever they cross your mind and you make it a habit to see them at least once a month if they’re living close by.

5. Travel.

You’ll be amazed at how people are different not just from a country to another, but within the same country too. There’s no doubt that traveling expands your mind and makes you more accepting of other people and other cultures. Also try traveling with your future spouse, going out on dates is one thing, but spending a week or so together, and dealing with all travel dilemmas can be a whole other thing and a good test for your relationship.

6. Develop a hobby or two.

Hobbies are the best ways to spend time alone. Whether it’s some sport or art or simply reading books, having an outlet to express yourself and relieve your everyday stress will make you a happier person overall.

7. Work on yourself.

Whatever changes you wanted to make into yourself and your life, it’s about time. Lose the weight you wanted to lose, start eating healthier, quit smoking, drink less, face your anxieties and fears… Also, start reading about marriages and how to understand your partner, you don’t need to wait until your marriage is broken to do something about it. 

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