Best 10 Lessons Life Taught Me From 25 Years

Aging comes with many precious lessons we wouldn’t have learned otherwise. Below is a list of lessons I’ve learned from my 25 yeas.

1. Love is powerful.

Love is power. And to love, you don’t need to find a soulmate. You can love everyone and everything surrounding you. Love is the root of everything good, when you love, all your thoughts, words and actions will be filled with kindness.

2. We can’t buy happiness.

If poverty can cause pain and suffering, then maybe money can bring happiness. That’s true to an extinct when you have enough money to support yourself, but having more money won’t give you any more contentment. Happiness starts within and it can mean different things to people, it can mean living in alignment with one’s values, being able to do the things you love, having healthy and loving relationships…

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3. Success is perspectival. 

Many people link success to wealth. The truth is becoming rich is a success as long as money it’s your definition of success. For other people, success means other things like being the best in the industry, and therefore, no matter how much money they’re making they’ll never consider themselves had succeeded until they reach the top. If your goal is to make a difference, then that would be your success.

4. Health is underestimated.

We seem to realize this too late. When we are young and healthy, it’s easy to forget how precious our well being is and we do little to keep healthy and stay in shape.

5. Finding your passion is important.

Having something to look forward to every day is the best life you can ask for. Whatever is your passion, find it and do more of it.

6. Relationships matter.

Romantic or not, relationships are an important part of our lives that gives us an emotional balance. It’s important to live surrounded with loving relationships. And as much as it’s a blessing to meet loving people, it’s also a continuous effort to keep those relationships as loving and supportive. So cherish the people you love.

7. You can’t please everyone.

It feels good to be accepted and loved for who we are, but we can’t make everyone like us and changing ourselves to please others, is just not worth it.

So be whoever you want to be. There’s great freedom in being yourself and that’s way more important than pleasing others.

8. You’re not the center of the universe.

We all care about ourselves, nothing is wrong with that, but caring about others is as important. We don’t live alone for a reason and helping others can be quite rewarding; we lift ourselves by lifting others.

9. We worry way too much.

We seem to think that by worrying, we’ll be able to prevent it from happening or somehow prepare ourselves better. The truth is, most of what we worry about doesn’t happen in the first place, and not because we did the worrying, but because things always sort itself. A cure to worrying is to grab a piece of paper and write on one side the things you’re worried about and on the other side what came out of it. First of all, you’ll be able to get it out of your mind and second, it’s a great way to see for yourself that none of what you worry about actually happen.

10. Pain can be useful, but not suffering.

Pain is the best motivation to make the change you need for a better life. It’s your signal that something is wrong and needs to be fixed. However, suffering is a choice. By remaining in that painful situation, you’re choosing to suffer for yourself. So learn your lesson and change something.

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