12 Simple Tricks To Turn You Into An Avid Reader

The benefits of reading are many:

• Mental Stimulation. 
• Stress Reduction. 
• Knowledge. 
• Vocabulary Expansion. 
• Memory Improvement. 
• Stronger Analytical Thinking Skills. 
• Improved Focus and Concentration. 
• Better Writing Skills.
• ….

Yet we seem to struggle to read more, even when we know all these benefits first hand. But there are many ways and tricks that can help you start reading more, you can pick up from the tricks below, what works best with you:

1. Choose books that you’re excited about.

Start with topics that interest you most, the authors that you enjoy reading for. Reading something you’re excited about is much easier than forcing yourself to read a book that everyone else thinks it’s important to read, or that has been recommended for you.

2. Don’t finish the books you’re not enjoying them.

When not enjoying a book and keeping on reading just to finish what you started, you’ll find yourself constantly putting it off and thus you’ll end up not reading at all. It’s better to move on to something else, than to be stuck with a book you’re not enjoying.

3. Try the audiobook.

If you think you don’t have time to read, try the audiobook while cooking, or doing house chores or driving to and from work.

4. Read for 20 minutes every day. 

Before bed, or even when you first wake up in the morning while your mind is fresh. Setting a specific time to read and giving it a manageable 20 minutes can make it easier for you.

5. Always carry something to read. 

Throughout the day, you can find yourself waiting, maybe while taking public transportation, while waiting for your next class… no one likes waiting, but having a book with you, will make you grateful for the opportunity.

6. Change your priorities. 

It’s not about finding time, it’s about making the time. When you make reading a priority, you’ll find yourself doing more of it.

7. Focus on one book at a time.

Focusing on one book, even when you feel excited about the new book you got, will help you finish the one you’re reading so you can move on to the next one.

8. Remove distractions.

It’s easy to get distracted today, what with the technology and all those apps on your phone. It’s always, I’ll check Instagram real quick and then get on with my reading, and just like that you have no more time and you have to go to bed. Keep your phone out of reach or get away from whatever is distracting you.

9. Have a comfortable space to read.

Whether it was your bed or your sofa, make sure you have a comfortable space to read, with enough pillow and good lighting. That will make the experience more enjoyable.

10. Go to your local library. 

Being surrounded by readers can motivate you to read more. You can even borrow books and that way, you won’t have to feel bad when you don’t feel like finishing a book you started.

11. Join a book club.

A book club is a great way to meet fellow readers and discuss the book. Even if there are no clubs nearby, you can still find one online.

Here are 14 Online Book Clubs You Can Join Right Now

12. Buy cheap

When buying new books, don’t be ashamed to buy a used one from amazon, or from the thrift store. Being able to buy more books with the same budget will definitely get you excited to finish reading them and buy more.

I hope these tips on how to read more have been helpful!

Have you tried any of these approaches before? Do you have other tips on how to read more books? I’d love to hear about your experiences with reading more below.

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