How to Manage Your Stress With These 6 Simple Techniques

Can stress be helpful? Stress is a normal reaction that we need especially in situations of danger, a protective mechanism that tells us when to run, and that increases our awareness and improves our physical performance. That is when experience in short bursts. But a repetitive exposure of stress response is proven to lead psychological and physical health issues like anxiety, depression and cardiovascular disease. And while stress is inevitable and essential, long term stress, aka burnout, isn’t.

That’s when stress management steps in to help people avoid the unpleasant consequences of burnout.

1. Exercise

Studies clearly demonstrate that regular physical activity improves your mood, lowers your blood pressure and reduces your stress. Exercising for 30 minutes 3 to 5 times a week has also been proven to reduce mild to moderate depression by 50%. Exercising can involve every day moving, like taking the stairs or walking to work or college.

2. Find 20 minutes

Find yourself 20 minutes every day of alone time to relax and unwind. Try journaling, meditation or even a walk outside.

3. Listen to classical music

Many experts believe that classical music can soothe the soul and it has been proven that this genre of music has a positive effect on the brain and can reduce negative emotional states.

4. Manage Time

One cannot overstate the importance of developing the skill of time management. Managing your time and setting goals and deadlines for yourself can help you feel in control of your life. This sense of being in control can decrease your level of stress significantly.

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5. Hit the Sack

Lack of sleep can affect the person both physically and mentally, by compromising the immune system, affecting the person’s critical thinking skills and exacerbating existing mental health issues or triggering new ones.

6. Good Nutrition

Eating a healthy, balanced diet-while avoiding alcohol, caffeine, nicotine, or heavy meals before bed-are proactive steps towards emotional health.

Other ideas to help you relax in 5 minutes or less

1. Breathe deeply

2. Drink more water

3. Make a cup of herbal tea

4. Take a hot bath with relaxing essential oils

5. Read a good book

6. Play with a pet

7. Unfollow social media accounts that bring your self-esteem low

8. Declutter your closet and your life

9. Watch less TV

10. Eat some dark chocolate

11. Chomp some chewing gum

12. Massage your scalp

13. Get some Sunlight

14. Get a massage

Roll a tennis ball under your feet

16. Take your frustration out on a stress ball

17. Watch something funny

18. Talk to someone you love

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