15 Things You Can Do Today That Will Make Big Difference In Your Marriage

Often times, people fall out of love because of the lack of attention and care. It's not enough to marry someone you love, you still need to show that love in every way to keep the flame alive. It doesn’t have to be something big, it’s the small gestures that touch the heart best. Below is a list of things you can do today and that will make a big difference in your marriage.

1. Greet each other warmly. Whenever you see each other, even when you are in the same house.

2. Say thanks and please more. Never take each other for granted or think that you’re entitled to what the other person is doing for you.

3. Shrug off small annoyances. Accept each other more and always try to compromise.

4. Serve each other cheerfully. It's better to enjoy it than to feel obliged to serve.

5. Compliment each other more. It can make one’s day.

6. Snuggle together. It helps strengthen your bond and releases any tension or stress, not to mention that it’s pleasurable.

7. Listen intently. Everyone needs to feel heard and understood.

8. Be quick to apologize. Don’t hold grudges and don’t give each other the silent treatment, talk about it as soon as possible.

9. Laugh together. It is not a lack of love, but a lack of friendship that makes unhappy marriages.

10. Speak softly. Even when you’re not being intimate.

11. Spend time together. Just the two of you and at every chance you get.

12. Let them know that you always think about them. Even when you’re busy, a small text or a quick call will make a difference.

13. Hold hands. When you walk outside, on a car ride if it’s possible...

14. Put yourself in each other’s shoes. It's not just about you, try to sympathize and understand what made them do what they did or say what they said.

15. Say “I love you” more. Even when you show it with your actions, hearing it is always a pleasure, even better, tell them why you love them.

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