25 Lessons People Wish They knew Before Their 20s

These are some of the best confessions of things people wish they knew in their 20s from Quora that I wanted to share with you :

1. "The hard road gets easy over time. The easy road gets hard over time.

Know that the hard work you put in building your life in your 20’s-30’s will pay off over time in your 30’s and beyond. Any sacrifices you make now (reducing lifestyle spendings, saving money, taking career or business risks, raising kids) will eventually pay off in the long run. It’s hard to see the rewards of your hard work and sacrifices immediately but you will. Trust in the benefits of delayed gratification."

2. Always be humble and respectful to other persons whatever may be the circumstances, because whenever you turned rude you will ultimately regret it later. You can never undo the harm which harsh words can do to a relation and to your own character.

3. Try to solve the differences with peace. The differences which can’t be solved with love and affection can never be solved with fighting. If a difference is not solved with politeness leave it as it is.

4. Don't do blind trust over anyone. The harsh reality is that many persons you will encounter in your life will be devoid of any emotions. They will make use of your shortcomings and they will aggravate your problems. They will call you as their friend and will back stab you.

5. Whenever you have a surplus money use it wisely. Because money is a thing which can destroy most strong relationship. If you give money to any of your friend or relative, it can become the cause of animosity among you.

6. Whenever you have occurred a loss or failure accept it to your loved ones and family. Because if go hiding about your failure or loss certain doubts will be created in others mind. And you will also lose to learn from your mistake.

7. Always set your priorities in life and never get distracted by other peoples opinions. If you start to hear other people opinions you will lose from your aim. Always follow your heart.

8. Select your spouse or life partner carefully. This is hands down the most important decision you will make in your lifetime. True love is important but you MUST share the same values and priorities. You will work as a team. If you have any doubts then he/she is probably not the one.

9. If at all possible travel the world. Take advantage of every new opportunity. Be brave. Try things. You must learn who you are before you can understand what will make you happy.

10. Figure out how to keep a positive attitude and take responsibility and I don’t just mean financial. Figure out why you are here and make the best use of everyday.

11. Take care of your body

12. Make relationships a priority

13. Appreciate your beauty, the beauty of youth. You will never look this good again.

14. Don’t waste time and money on an expensive private college or any college if you don’t know what you want to do. Learn about you and the world you live in first. You will spend more time working than anything else but sleeping. You need to find something you will love doing. When you’re ready, pick the right school and study hard.

15. Vote, but first take some time to understand who and why.

16. Have fun. This is the most free that you will ever be.

17. You don’t need to drink alcohol to have fun. You pissed away $100’s, filled and filled your body with useless calories and ludicrous amounts of sugar drinking alcohol trying to fit in with the crowd. You didn’t need to do that.

18. Telling the truth is the best story you’ll ever tell. Who were you trying to impress? You don’t need to use a different name introducing yourself to girls at nightclubs. Your life is already a good enough story, tell it how it is.

19. Studying something because society approves is no way to learn. No one explicitly told you this but you live in the age of the internet. You can learn anything you want. Don’t waste your time studying something because you’re trying to impress someone. If you’re interested in something, learn more about it.

20. Don’t make big decisions when you’re hungry or horny.

21. Money isn’t everything but it would be a great idea to save 10% of your income.

22. If you have a spare $50, buy books.

23. Creativity is freedom. Stop complaining about restricted with what you do. If you want to be free, create something. Write. Make videos. Draw things. Set the ideas in your mind free.

24. Don’t outsource your self-esteem. You’re going to get your first girlfriend soon. She’s amazing. You’ll be incredibly in love but it won’t last long. Enjoy it while you can. When it ends, it’s going to suck. Really suck. It really sucks because you based too much of your self-worth on being in a relationship.

25. Love yourself. Treat yourself as if you were someone you loved very much. Ask yourself every day, “If I truly loved myself, would I be treating myself like this?”. Enlightenment is loving yourself wholeheartedly.

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