18 Things People Wish They knew Before Their 30s

These are some of the best confessions of things people wish they knew in their 30s from Quora that I wanted to share with you :

1. « Forgive yourself for your 20s. We are all egotistical selfish spoiled humans a bit then. But, the degree varies and it's all part of the plan. You'll be so humbled by 40, that life won't seem as serious as it does in the 30s. »

2. « Spend time with your family/loves/real friends. The 30s are generally the salad days of our lives. Like sands through the hourglass, time is truly relative. Every misery drags an eternity and every joy fleets on by in a flash of brilliance. Work matters. But, it isn't your life. »

3. « Speaking of work, chase your dreams now. Don't wait until you have enough money, time, or energy. You won't ever have that without passion. Go after the guy, lady, job, stardom, life you want. Visualize your dream and be vigilant in your vision. You can succeed. The odd thing is you may discover a new dream or fail at your dream, but the attempt will teach you as much as any university. The failures will give you a P.H.D. in success. Get back up. Help others up. Never give up. »

4. « Mental Illness is as real and devastating as Physical Illness. Don't be a jerk to your broken peers and don't accept shitty toxic behavior from anyone. Even your lover, parent, or children. The 30s are incredibly tough. It's the hump to get over. The uphill climb. It's so much easier with good health. Eat your burgers and pizza. But, eat one fruit and drink at least 16 ounces of water a day. These two acts will add fiber and moisture to your system. They are the most common dietary omissions and contribute to several serious conditions. Get some sun. Do not tan in a bed. I know many 40 year old pieces of leather. The sun is dangerous. Synthetic sun is like eating tiny lead particles. It adds us to a damaged system. »

5. « Spend time with kids. Even if they aren't yours. You know a kid that needs someone to not yell, fuss, or insult their youth. Your 30s are filled with enough energy and gumption to maybe make a difference to a needy kid. We can tell children anything. But, they do what we do. So, be kind, be real, and be patient with kids and we will have kind real patient kids. Parenting in the 30s isn't so bad other than the knees go first. The back starts to get sore. So, enjoy every moment. Most of us will be limited a bit by 40. Wear and tear get us all. »

6. « You'll discover a lot of childhood issues come creeping up as you near and enter your 30s. Get a therapist. Believe them when they tell you something. Try their exercises. Accept what was real and what you created to cope. No one is perfect and your childhood is full of life-shaping experiences and consequences. Heal now, while you still have your knees, sex drive, and enough life left to live to be who you want to be. Trust me. You have some issues. We all do. It's worth a visit or two just to make sure you're not hiding some condition that you didn't realize you had….Do not be ashamed. You're not alone if you're suffering. »

7. « Get a hobby now. Guitar, painting, writing, all of it. I study something new every 6 months. I chase one thing while balancing the previous hobbies. Start a club. Stop saying why don't they have a group. Say, I'll start a group. Be social. Network. Build a support system. Then, be amazed as it comes through for you time and time again. Trust someone. Anyone. They may hurt you. So what? You're not bad for trusting. »

8. « Don't forget to save as much money as you can. Buy gold, property, invest in things that will grow. Stocks rise and fall and only the bankers and traders get rich. You can too by investing in real growth things. Land gets more expensive. Gold, silver, platinum do too. Money is denim and cotton and burns so easily. It can vanish. But, land and precious metals have been valuable since humanity began. They always will be. Make a budget. Stick to it. Pretty soon you won't miss the baubles and wasted money experiences. Also, buying something is nice. It gives us a little pride and pleasure. But, an experience, a memory, is infinitely more valuable. Go see live music. Go see a sport in person. Go to the theater. Go to the mountains and beaches.»

9. « Family. If you think you want to have children (and don't yet), better to get on it sooner than you might imagine. It gets exponentially more difficult biologically from your mid-30s onward, and despite you feeling *great* now, it isn't always so easy. »

10. « Money. It may feel like saving a few hundred bucks a month for a retirement account may never get you "there", but it feels that much worse in your 40s or 50s. Hook yourself up, and put some money away with your name on it for later. »

11. « Health. Yes, you feel great. You're in your 30s! Take advantage of good knees. It's OK to indulge and over-indulge (on occasion), but remember moderation in all things, including moderation. »

12. « Aging. It is cliche to tell you that you're still young, because when you hit your 30s, it's easy to obsess about starting to feel "middle-aged". But, if you agree that your adult consciousness begins at around age 20, and say you are 35, you are literally only 25% of your way into your "adult" life (if you quit living at age 80). We're talking early innings here. »

13. « Mission - Have a purpose. Passion seems a trite phrase these days. Everybody talks passion but they don’t translate it into a Mission. One with Steps, Tasks, Milestones and more. Plan, Measure, Exceed and Succeed. »

14. « When you’re in your 30s most people don’t yet have a grasp on their own mortality. But, you WILL die someday..and time moves real fast. He who dies with the most toys actually finds death to be quite stressful, they certainly do not “win”. Live your life in preparation to die. Don’t put off the good things you want to do. Travel some. Find someone to love that will love you back, someone you feel at peace with. If you’re looking for the perfect person well, that doesn’t exist. It’s a moving target based entirely own your own neurosis. »

15. « Shunryu Suzuki taught that without discipline there is no freedom. Never, ever forget this truth. Without discipline, you become a slave to the consequences of your decisions. Eat a vegetable-based diet. Your aging self will thank you. Read “The China Study”. Study the Blue Zones so that you can enjoy your senior years doing what you want to do. Those sweets, burgers, and fries don’t really taste good enough for what they will cost you when you’re 70. »

16. « Read, Eckhart Tolle’s books. When you’re 30 you think you know stuff. You do know some things but, there are other things you haven’t the paradigm to even grasp the concept of yet. So, learn from happy old people. Don’t learn from the angry, bitter, old people. Protect the things that bring you inner peace. Don’t involve yourself in the ego battles that go nowhere and aren’t really about anything, like politics. If you can change a thing change it. If you can’t go back to the first point, allow what is to be. »

17. « Live! In life people tend to have either more time than money or money than time. When you're in your 30s, it's a paradox because you feel you have neither (and yet you have a bit of both). »

18. « Finally, people in their 30s should realize that it's WAY too early to tell yourself it's too late. If you are around lame people, find new people. If you don't like where you live, move. If you don't like what you do, find something new to do. Don't wait for the weather to change, when you can change it yourself. »


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