13 Vaseline Life-Changing Beauty Hacks

Vaseline has been around for 150 years for a good reason. Petroleum jelly, has some seriously life-changing beauty uses that we’ll list some of them below :

1.       Keeps perfume from fading by applying vaseline on the skin before spraying your perfume
2.       Works as a mascara that will make your lashes thicker
3.       Hides split hair ends
4.       Turns your matte lipstick into gloss
5.    Makes the eye shadow last longer by applying it as an eye shadow primer.
6.       Highlights your eyelids and cheeks
7.       Keeps your brows in place
8.       Removes stubborn makeup
9.    Soothes skin after shaving
10.   Soothes dry heels
11.   Soothes dry lips
12.   Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
13.   Protects the skin from getting stained with hair dye
14.   Heals sunburn
15.   Heals cracked cuticles
16.   Soothes and conceals chapped skin around the nose

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