10 Things No One Tells You About Before Getting Married

Marriage is a big journey one can never be ready enough for it. No matter how much you knew about relationships and about your partner, there will always be more to learn. Below are some of the best confessions shared on Quora of things people wish they knew before getting married that I wanted to share with you.


"The first year of marriage is hell. Do not lose hope based on it, but don’t expect it to be wonderful either. No matter how compatible you are or how much in love you are, adjustment to marriage is a challenge."


"Compromise is essential. A good rule of thumb is that, if you’re right about something, you should apologize immediately. Learn to eat your pride. The only way you win is if both of you win. If your partner doesn’t win as well, you lose."


"Communication is key. If you can’t talk about anything and everything before marriage, it only gets harder afterward when more’s at stake. Knowing how to communicate and being able to do so is even more important than what you’ve communicated. Communication styles vary; what works for one person doesn’t for all people."


"If your partner has problems before marriage, they’ll have them and more after marriage. If there’s anything they do that you can’t stand before marriage, don’t get married. Marriage can enrich your life and make it easier to deal with your issues, but it doesn’t lessen your issues."


"Sex is important to men. If you don’t acknowledge that need and find a way to meet it, it will ruin you. Too many women have unrealistic expectations for men in this area."


"You’re getting a partner, not an ideal soulmate. You’re getting company along the road, not unconditional support and all your needs met. Marry your best friend, not the person you’re most attracted to romantically or physically."


"Make your limits clear before marriage and stick to them. Mine were no physical abuse, certain swearwords being off limits, no smoking and no regular alcohol use. If your partner claims not to have any, you’ll have to find them out the hard way."


"It is not about the wedding party, dresses or guests or food or the extravagant expenses."


"I wish I knew myself more. I wish I could be more mature and tolerant with people. Marriage is a deal, a two person's business. Whether the collaboration goes on well will decide two person's success. The difficult part of marriage is people's characters are changing and their thoughts and views are changing too. I have to change accordingly to match him. But their changes may go to a bad direction due to the influences of the outside environment. How should I match that?"


"That nothing works in marriage according to your expectations, Adjustment is the key."

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