10 Habits That Will Make You Get Along Well With Others

Love is the answer and the root of everything good in this life. And if living a wealthy life is important, maintaining a loving environment is even more important. Your relationships are responsible for more than 80% of your happiness in life so it goes without saying that one should learn how to get along with others.

Below is a list of habits you can start today that will make you get along well with others:

1. Start with yourself:

If you intend on giving love to people around you, you’ll need to start by loving yourself. One can’t give away what he doesn’t have. So start by working on your self-esteem by building up your confidence and learning how to accept yourself

2. Make others feel important

“Making others feel important satisfies the deepest subconscious cravings of human nature.” Showing interest in someone will make him like you and respect you more. The best thing is that when you make someone feel good about himself you too start feeling good about yourself, when you make someone happy, you become happy too and your self-esteem rises too. The reverse is also true, so make sure you never hurt someone or make someone unhappy.

3. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

This is a golden rule that all religions have in common. It might sound obvious, yet it’s a powerful tool that will improve the quality of your relationships and life in general. 

4. Accept others unconditionally:

Everyone has a deep need to be accepted unconditionally, which makes us extremely sensitive to others’ opinions. When you accept another person as he is without criticism or judgment, you rise his self-esteem and create a safe space for him to be the way he is.

5. Appreciate more

The more thankful you are for the good things in your life, the more that they’ll grow and expand. The same goes for your relationships, when you appreciate more often what others do for you, they’ll do it more. Nothing should be taken for granted, and a small thank you can warm someone’s heart like nothing else.

6. Give a compliment every now and then

“Everybody likes a compliment.” - Abraham Lincoln

It goes without saying that receiving a compliment is a great way to feel good about one’s self. It shouldn’t be a hard thing to find something you can compliment others on, it could be any trait, quality, achievement or even a possession. When you go to people’s home, compliment them on their good taste and their home in general.

7. Listen intently

Developing the habit of a good listener is your way to build strong relationships with others. Usually, people are self-centered which makes them poor listeners, and which makes finding someone who’s willing to listen quite rare. So stepping in and offering to be a listener can mean a lot for others. To be a good listener, you basically need two things; show empathy (by saying for example “I can only imagine how going through this can make you feel this way…”) and encourage them to talk more by asking open questions.

8. Maintain a balance between life and work
To achieve this balance between your work and your personal life, you need to resolve to work all the time you’re working, so you’ll get all your work done and won’t have to take any home or spend extra hours working. And when you get home, resolve to spend quality time with your family. To do so, resist the temptation to turn on the TV, when you travel with your family turn off the radio or music, the void will be soon filled with conversations, make sure the family eats together…

9. Put others first

This doesn’t mean not to think about yourself at all, or to do it at the expanse of your own happiness. The thing is, we’re doing a great job at putting ourselves first, thinking that we’re investing time and energy to solve our problems when they’re not being solved really. To put someone else first and forget yourself in serving others will make most of your problems and worries disappear as they’re only in your head in the first place and most importantly, you’ll make the other person feel good about himself.

10. Deciding what truly matters

Before arguing with someone, hurting him back, or refusing to forgive, ask yourself this question “Does it really matter if we had only six months left to live?”. You’ll find that time spend hating on others and arguing is wasted time and that what matters most is the loving moment you spent with others. So forgive faster and love more.

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