50 Ways to Improve Yourself in Just 10 Minutes

Small actions and habits can make a huge difference in one's life. Below is a list of ways to simplify your life and take better care of yourself:

1- Drink more water

2- Eat more fruits and vegetables

3- Make sure you get a full night sleep

4- Remind yourself to be grateful

5- Love unconditionally and spend more time with your loved ones

6- Help others more (helping others is a great way to feel good about yourself and forget about your troubles)

7- Forgive more (because hating cause you more harm than it does the person you’re hating)

8- Always speak well of others

9- Don’t compare yourself to others especially based on their social media life

10- Watch a funny video on youtube

11- Declutter your house

12- Read more books

13- Plant some flowers

14- Make a natural face mask and put it on

15- Worry less (use this technique: write down on a paper the things that you’re worried about, in one section, on another section write down how it went. This will show you that nothing you worry about really happens and things sort itself somehow, it’s just that we forget and focus on the next problem)

16- Change « fail » to « learn »

17- Take deep breaths every now and then

18- Play with a pet

19- No more complaints

20- Eat less sugar (if not none)

21- Swap out milk chocolate for dark

22- Get some natural light

23- Meditate for 10 minutes at least every day

24- Get a planner and plan your day ahead

25- Recite some affirmations before starting the day

26- Watch less TV (it’s not just the electricity and membership, but most importantly the time you’ll have to focus on important things and to spend with loved ones)

27- Say no more often to things you don’t need (right now ! don’t give the excuse of i might need it someday)

28- Declutter your house at least twice a year (one before winter and another one before summer)

29- Give away clothes that don’t fit or you don’t wear anymore

30- Live on a budget

31- Pay off your debt as soon as possible (before interests accumulate)

32- Keep your phone away as much as you can

33- Less social media

34- Turn off notifications

35- Unsubscribe

36- Use the One-bag-rule when traveling or going out

37- Clear your workspace when finished

38- Read more self-improvement material

39- Less road rage, it’s not worth it

40- Eat more homemade meals

41- Judge less, appreciate more

42- Have picnics with friends and family outdoors instead of going to restaurants

43- Drive less, walk more

44- Park further away

45- Use more natural remedies for your hair/skincare

46- Automate bill paying

47- Buy more in bulk

48- Use tissue bags when you go grocery shopping

49- Learn more about zero-waste lifestyle and apply it to your life as much as you can 

50- Recycle

Pint it!

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