15 Things to Attract Using The Law of Attraction

Our thoughts make our lives, this is why when one wants to change his life, he needs to start by changing his thoughts. It sounds easy, but it's quite hard to let go of limiting beliefs and believing that you deserve whatever you want to attract. Only when you decide to let go of those limiting beliefs and that you can be open to attract abundance. Below is a list of things to attract using the law of attraction:

1. Happiness : 

You can have everything people are striving to have in this life and it won’t mean a thing to you if you’re not happy, and you can have nothing and you won’t feel like you’re missing on anything if you’re happy. This is why happiness should come first because happiness comes from within and not from buying and having.

For that, keep a smile on your face, this is not fooling yourself, it’s a message for the universe that you’re ready for happiness and that you want more. Think positively, trade those negative thoughts with positive ones. Simply put, happiness won’t come on its own, you’ll create it.

2. Wealth: 

Wealth is the mean the get you what you need to live comfortably and help you achieve your dreams. To attract wealth you’ll need first to eliminate all negative beliefs about money. Such beliefs had been nurtured since a young age by people surrounding us telling us that money is evil or that rich people are selfish. Instead, focus on all the good things that you can do with that wealth. Even being able to provide for the people you love is a great dead money can allow you to do.

Creating a vision board can be helpful when wealth is what you want to attract, by posting pictures of what you want to buy. Keep the board where you can see it.

3. Love: 

Love is the most powerful emotion, this is why love is so important to people that they let doubt and insecurities hold them back from attracting it. People would think that they’re not good enough for such a powerful emotion. To get out of this negative pattern, start by allowing positive feelings about love in. Visualize not only a partner but especially visualize yourself with your partner and feel that happiness of being with him and being loved.

4. Friends: 

We are social creatures, even introverts who don’t give friendships a priority, they still need friends, the right friends. Many of the negative beliefs that hold us from having healthy friendships, can go back to negative experiences of being betrayed or disappointed, which can never mean that any friend you’ll have will do the same. Visualize yourself surrounded by faithful friends, feel the joy and excitement of doing things together, feel the relief of being supported by a friend.

5. Passion: 

passion is what keeps us going, it’s what makes us feel alive. What keeps us from following this passion and allowing it to thrive in our lives, is mostly judgments from people and then those judgments shape our beliefs about what we’re passionate about. If it’s something constructive and doing you and possibly others good, then go for it. Visualize yourself successful and happy doing this passion. You don’t have to figure out the process, it’ll figure itself, all you need to do is to see the end result.

6. Your dream home: 

It might seem like it’ll take ages to get your dream home especially if you’re setting the bars high, but be patient and believe. Visualize yourself living in that home, feel the gratefulness of living there. Then, start imagining all the details you want in that home, post the pictures of the rooms you want on your vision board.

7. Business: 

Attracting business is possible using the law of attraction. All you have to do is see the end result, see yourself successful and owning your own business. The process will figure itself, the universe will guide through it all. Even when a door shuts down and you think that it’s over, you’ll find that that door shutting down on you had led you to the right door for you. Don’t obsess about the progress, keep the success in front of you and do what you have to do.

8. Repairing relationships: 

We all agree that an abusive or toxic relationship isn’t worthy of saving, but for the other cases, it’s quite normal for a relationship to turn sour over time especially if no effort is dedicated to rekindling the flame. Negativity will only attract more negativity, for that if you want for things to change, you’ll have to see the positive things often. Remember why you entered the relationship in the first place and visualize yourself sharing the best time of your life with your partner. Feel again those feelings you had at the beginning of the relationship and tell yourself that more of those moments are coming.

9. Good health:

It has been proven that our thoughts can determine how healthy we live. Patients who thought they were sick and were prescribed a placebo pill thinking that it’s real medicine, had actually recovered just by believing that those pills are going to cure their illness. You can do the same for your health, refrain from thinking about being unhealthy in any way, and instead think about how healthy you are right now. Fill your life with healthy habits that will give you a healthy life in return. Believing that good nutrition or exercising will benefit your body will make it the case.

10. Getting along with others:

You don’t have to be friends with everybody out there, but getting along with others definitely will make it easier, whether they were your colleagues at work, your neighbors… it’s always easier to have someone with whom you can have a small talk and actually feel at ease around him. Keep a smile on your face, and always try to be patient and polite. Keep in mind that we all have our own struggles.

11. Losing weight:

When you need to lose some weight, you might be willing to try every method in order to find the one that will work for you, but here’s what no website or personal coach tells you; you need to believe that you can and that you’ll lose weight. With that belief, any method will work charms. To help feed those beliefs, all you have to do is to act as if you’re losing weight already and you’re getting almost to your ideal weight, look at the mirror and admire your body, feel the excitement of losing weight, see yourself fitting in the size you want. Remember you see what you believe and what you believe becomes your reality.

12. Gaining respect:

It’s important to be respected if you want to be taken seriously. And although respect seems like something that you have no control over since it comes from other people, it ironically starts internally. Only when you believe that you deserve all the respect, that you’ll be giving out that confident vibe and people can only show you respect. It’s reflected back to you. The best way to gain respect is to start with others and imagine yourself having lots of respect towards them, then imagine that respect reflected back.

13. Eliminating social anxiety:

Humans are highly social beings and thrive when they’re able to socialize without anxieties. The causes of social anxiety vary, people might feel threatened to be judged or humiliated by others. The key to getting rid of those thoughts is to see the similarities between people, we all struggle, and we all have our own battles. The fact those fears and struggles don’t show up often doesn’t mean that they don’t exist and that others’ life is easy or easier than yours. Visualize yourself being comforted by the presence of others, visualize yourself connecting with them and feeling their struggles.

14. Improving your family life:

We don’t get to chose our family, but this is what love is about. You don’t love someone because you get along with, you love him despite not getting along with. Family is an important part of who you are, and it’s always best to make peace with them. Certainly, it takes more than doing your part, but it can be you who makes the first moves. Feel the love for your family and act positively, always try to be kind and helpful.

15. Going on your dream vacation:

A vacation is needed every now and then, and if you’re going to go on one, then why not go on your dream one. Set your bars high and dream about the places you want to visit. Post pictures of those places on your vision board where you can see it and visualize yourself enjoying your time in them.

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