8 Reasons Why You Need to Start Caring Less

We can live a way more peaceful life if we only cared less. Below is a list of reasons why you need to start caring less:

1. Obsessing about being a better person, is a reminder of what we are not

Being so focused on the positive and on being better, serves mostly to remind you of what you are not and what you're lacking. A happy or a rich person doesn't wake up every morning repeating affirmations that he's happy or rich, he doesn't feel like he needs to prove it, he just is.

2. It's okay not to be perfect 

The world is constantly pushing you towards its standards. Social media makes us believe that others are leading perfect lives, which is not true because those people are choosing what to post and most likely they'll only show you their ups.

3. It's okay to feel down sometimes

We all want to be happy and feel good about ourselves, only life isn't perfect and it'll never be. it hasn't been for anyone and certainly, you're no exception. feeling sad or guilty or any unpleasant feeling is crucial sometimes. You don't know what happiness is until you experience sadness.
The problem isn't in feeling bad, it's rather feeling bad about feeling bad is the main problem. You feel guilty about feeling guilty and get angry about getting angry. that's because you care too much about feeling good at all times. Once you start caring less about the way you feel, you'll feel much better. Start telling yourself:" I feel sad. But hey, that's just life".

4. Accepting the negative experience is a positive experience: 

This is what the philosopher Alan Watts used to call "the backwards law". It means that The less you pursue feeling better, The more satisfied you become, as obsessing about being better is reminding you of what you're not.

On the other hand, pursuing the negative often generates the positive. Challenging your fears helps you build your courage. Enduring the pain of exercising results in the body you always wanted. Being open about your insecurities makes you even more confident and accepting of yourself.

5. Caring about people's opinion holds you from doing the right thing:

Caring less means to be comfortable with being different from the rest. So, whatever you feel right or important, do it and don't care about what people think or about facing failure or embarrassing yourself.

6. Caring less means more room to care about the important things:

Caring less doesn't mean to be indifferent about everything, it simply means caring mostly about what matters to you. It means choosing what's important to you, what matters you want to invest your energy and time into. And for that, you need to choose wisely.

7. You won't be happy when you achieve X or look like Y or be with a person like Z:

Happiness is unconditional, it comes from within and never from circumstances. At least not the true happiness. So you might as well care less about those circumstances.

8. You can't live a problem-free life:

Everyone has his own problems, even rich people do have problems. You might think of some problems as being bigger than others, but in fact, the size of the suffering isn't measured by how big the problem is. It all depends on the way the person perceives his problem.
Pain in life is inevitable, suffering is optional. And to overcome the pain, you need to learn how to deal with it. Caring less is the key.

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