A Letter To My Past: Moving On To Something New

Maybe it’s not about the end, maybe it’s about the story. That’s how life should be viewed. It doesn’t matter the end, as much as the experience does. For instance, in a relationship, it doesn’t matter if the couple had remained together till the end, sometimes the story, their love story, matters more.

Constantly, we go through endings and beginnings, a school year, a relationship, a job… the experience might have lasted a long time to be considered insignificant, or so it seems to us because the experience sometimes is so intense, so dear to us to let go easily. We feel sad at first, then nostalgic, then we move on to something else and life goes on.

Maybe there are no endings after all, because to each ending, there will always be a beginning to something else. It’s like a circle.

Many people dread going through a new experience just because they fear the endings, they’ve been there once and the end wasn’t all that pleasant. They had been in a relationship, deeply in love, then they broke their hearts and vowed not to fall again. But what if you missed on the chance of meeting somebody’s great while trying to protect your heart?

You won’t know for sure until you give it a try. Whatever the outcomes, if you learn from it, it’ll be worth it.

It’s okay to feel nostalgic, just don’t lock yourself in your past, don’t let it blind you from seeing the beautifulness and the opportunities of your present. Let your past, instead, be a source of happiness, something to remember every now and then and smile about. A prove that you lived and that you’ve left your mark; you’ve changed some people’s lives or even day, and some others have changed you. You’ve changed some things, and other things have changed you.

To my past year, I shall feel grateful, I figured out a lot about myself and what I want to do an be. I read a lot of great books. I loved, and I broke my heart in the process. I made new friends and cut off others. I laughed. I cried. I felt blessed, and even on those days, I felt most like whining and complaining, still I was thankful for everything. This might be the end of something beautiful, but it’s also the beginning of something new, yet to be discovered.

For those I hurt without being aware, I’m awfully sorry. For those who helped me, I’m really thankful, it meant the world to me. For those I helped, it was my pleasure and not at all, I wouldn’t do it for anything in return.

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