6 Ways Helping Others Can Improve The Quality Of Your Life

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give."

- Winston Churchill

We, human beings, are self-centered by nature, so evidently, helping someone else, isn’t an easy task one can do, it takes so much. It takes an open heart and a beautiful soul. Below are some ways helping others can improve the quality of your life to inspire you to help more:

1- It eases your grief:

When in grief, seek comfort in helping others. Helping someone else is the best way to forget about oneself! Putting your mind off your problems and concerns can ease a huge deal your grief about your loss.

When you help someone, you help yourself, you cheer yourself up, you forget about your problems and focus about someone else’s and since you can’t worry about them like their owners, you’ll end up with no worries at all. As for your own problems, it’s true that one shall think that they won’t solve themselves, but most of them don’t need solving at all, most of our problems exist only in our heads.

2- A shortcut to happiness:

Often people don’t consider helping someone else unless there’s something for them in it. People don’t realize that nothing can give you satisfaction more than helping without anything in return. It’s the feeling of being important because you helped someone, that you made a difference in his day, in his life, thus in the world. This feeling of importance can leave a long lasting feeling of contentment and happiness like nothing else can do.

3- It opens your heart:

We’re selfish by nature, we want to be the best, to have the most and to be the center of the universe… therefore opening your heart and giving away what you’d rather keep for yourself and without expecting anything in return, is the ultimate way to practice having an open heart and free yourself from obsessing about being the best and having the most.

4- Giving away makes you richer:

It’s almost magical how it works, you give something away and you get more and more back. It might not be from the one you helped, but it somehow returns to you. Look at all those celebrities who gave and still giving away to charities, did it make them any poorer? I wouldn’t think so, at the opposite, they’re getting even richer. This is something that can’t be accepted by the mind, it’s almost illogical and makes no sense at all. I mean how giving away can ever make you richer? So, this can only be believed in. Try it and see yourself as I’m speaking from a personal experience.

5- Self-improving:

You never treat someone based on who he is, whether he deserves to be helped or not, what he has done for you or what he can do for you. No! you treat people based on who you are, if you’re a generous person, you help everyone regardless of who that one is or was. Because you don’t help to get a help back, you give because you’re good and you want to do good.

6- The best use of time:

What is it the best use of time for you? is it living your life chasing every single pleasure, collecting every single item and spending as much time possible in outgoings! Is that what makes the time well invested? I would rather think that the best use of time is to give it away, is to use it in the service of others, to help as many people as you can and to make the world a brighter place.

We need help every now and then, but what’s uncommon is the idea that one needs to help someone else too. We need to give away and care for one another. It’s a need that many of us sense at times, like a mother who needs to give away love and care for her dear child. 

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