5 Epic Tips To Get You Through Your Adulthood

With the responsibilities that comes with being an adult, life can get quite challenging. The good news is that it can get easier once you learn how to face these challenges and enjoy your life. Below is a list of tips you should remind yourself with to help you through your adulthood:

1- Live to your own standards : 

Many of us might feel, every now and then, some sense of responsibility toward someone else. It can be a parent, a partner, or even people you don’t know. You feel like something is expected of you because you’ve been invested in; your parents had paid your intuition and fees for college, and you feel like you can’t fail them. So you have to do anything to succeed. Now, this can be a great motivation to do something good, but at the same time, it shouldn’t push you more than you can bear, and you shouldn’t keep beating yourself up about the standards you think you should meet. 

In the end, it doesn’t really matter whether you failed them or not, or whether you impressed them or not. Your happiness is what matters. Your life, you have to live it up to your own standards. A life spent impressing others is wasted, and what’s the use of having a life if you’re not going to live it. So dare, make mistakes and learn, fail and try again. Don’t let anyone blame you or shame you for the choices you made. It’s your life, it’s your rules. It’s your choice, whether it sounded wise or not to other people, still, there’s no right choice out there, right or not, what does matter is that you’ve chosen.

2- Worry less : 

Short as it is, you don’t need to spend your life worrying. There will always be time to worry, but never enough time to live truly and fully. After all what good is a life if not lived? So you open a good book, laugh heartedly and enjoy a runaway every now and then. Take the opportunities, because that’s all you have and all you need.

3- Have a purpose to live for :

When looking for a purpose for your life, you might end up finding out that it doesn’t matter how you live, or what you get or even who you are. What does really matter, is what you did with the life you got. 

You come into this world and you’ll leave pretty soon. What change your existence has made! That’s what matters. So if you helped someone and made his life a little brighter, if you built something for someone, then you might as well say it out loud, “this day counts!”, and your life does matter because it made a difference, a good one.

4- Surround yourself with what makes you happy :

As you start looking for happiness, you try different ways, and each time you find something that makes you happy, something that works. There are many ways to happiness; gratitude, helping others, feeling good about yourself, doing something you love, loving someone and being loved back, traveling, a good book, a good laugh… a lot to fill your days with. So surround yourself with what makes you happy.

5- Dream big :

It’s a good thing to be realistic and not to expect much, for expectations brings in disappointments. However, there are different types of expectations. When it comes to your own dreams, there are no disappointments but experiences and mistakes to learn from. One can’t do something he can’t imagine himself doing. The first step to do something is to see yourself doing it. In your mind, start from the finish line, imagine the success you want to achieve, then everything else will fall into place.

Before complaining about how tough and unfair life is to you, consider those who didn’t even got a life to live, who didn’t have a battle to fight. Those who are dying, who are living on treatments and waiting for their time to come. Consider how bad they wish they had a life never mind how hard that life might be. At least you still have a battle to fight, they have nothing at all. 

Life isn’t fair, but then no one promised it will be fair. Life isn’t a “wish-granting factory”. It’s you who has to get tougher. You have to create your own exits and escapes, live in the moment and give up the urge to want to have everything sorted out.

Even when struggling and going through a hard time, remind yourself that your life is happening right now, wait no more for anything to pass over. Live now, because now is all you’ve got. You may not be living the best of your life, you might be going through exams, a stressing assignment at work… but even so, live up every moment you’ve got. Life isn’t getting any easier, there’s no problem-free, peaceful life, and it doesn’t have to be any of that. Enjoying yourself is about yourself, not life and circumstances.

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