9 Broken-Heart Letters That Will Ease Your Pain

Pain and hurt is inevitable in this life, the goal isn't not to feel any of it anyway, but to know well that life goes on, that you shouldn't stay imprisoned in sadness. A great way to ease your pain is to consider others' pain as well, to know that you're not alone but also to see that your problems isn't that bad compared to others'. Below is a list of broken-heart letters I liked, from "letters to crushes":

1- You've been dead for almost 3 years now.

Time has stopped for me.

My love hasn't

2- It's painful to talk to him when you know that you have no chance.

It's painful to notice the subtle flirting on both ends, only to realize that he'll never look at you the way you look at him, feel the way you feel about him, and like you as much as you like him.

It's painful to force your excitement for him when he tells you about his new love interests, repeating to yourself that if he’s happy, you’re happy.

It's painful to feel like you want to let it all go to relieve yourself of the heartache, because at the same time, you also don't want to lose him completely.

It's painful to want to talk to him and laugh with him and be with him, because those very things tear your heart apart into little pieces.

Because nothing you can do will ever make him feel the same way about you.

- Darling, you shouldn't try to force a novel out of somebody who is only meant to be a short story.

3- 1.I tell you that I like you.

2. you say you're sorry, but you only see me as a friend.

3. I get that scholarship I've been dreaming of for years.

4. it's an overseas scholarship.

5. you tell me that you like me.

6. I say I'm sorry, but you're a year too late.

7. my heart still beats faster when I see your smile.

4- "I want to fall in love!" ten-year-old me yelled into the empty sky

I just didn't realize at that time

I should have wished for that person

to fall in love with me too.

5- I think the only thing harder than losing a person to death, is losing a person to life;

to watch them live on without you,

to envy at their fingertips caressing those of another,

to see their glowing smile caused by a stranger,

to suffer through them loving someone else,

and to have to keep loving them with all your soul, without it being returned.

The worst part about losing someone to life is not that you will never see them again or hear their voice... It's knowing that they didn't want you to hear it again, and knowing no matter how much you wish that they will come back...

They won't.

6- Over the last nine months, you and I were connected to each other by a string.

I always felt you with me, your presence following me wherever I went. It was comforting, soothing--you were always right there when I needed you. All I had to do was tug on that string between us and there you would be, ready for anything.

And then, against my will and yours, our string was cut. Chopped cleanly in half right down the middle.

The string is still attached to me, but it doesn't lead to you anymore. When I reach out to pull you close to me, you're not there. You're drifting out there somewhere, but I can't find you. And I feel as if a part of me is missing--I can see its uneven, frayed ends.

7- Today was the day that I stood next to you in our local church and in front of all our family and friends.

I fixed your tie for you and pinned your cuff links while you commented on how beautiful I looked today. It was kinda funny that the guy who used to throw paper airplanes towards me back in primary school has become the person who constantly enchanted me most of my life.

I watched you as I marched down the aisle with a huge smile on my face with petunias, your favorite flower, adorning my hair. I've always dreamed of this moment to come and to see you waiting in front of the altar wearing a dashing suit made my fantasies even become more vivid.

I stood next to you in front of our family and friends with tears forming droplets in my eyes that I tried to hold back at each time.

I thought I was strong enough. I thought that I could be the perfect "best man" for you. I didn't know that watching you marry her would be this hard.

Today you got married and I wasn't the bride.

8- You are going to miss people.

You'll want to get out of bed at 2 in the morning and drive to go see them.

You'll call them even though they changed their number 10 months ago just to hear a dial tone.

You'll write letters to them they'll never read, seal them in envelopes and address them and stick them in your desk drawer.

You'll catch your wandering afternoon thoughts bumping into old memories, that feel warm at first but then start to sting.

You'll lie awake at night trying to remember and trying to forget what it felt like to fall asleep knowing they were thinking of you.

You are going to miss people.

Sometimes their hearts will beat the same as yours and sometimes you'll put your head to their chest and won't hear a thing.

You'll wipe away the hurt from the tops of your cheeks, because they feel so far away.

You are going to miss people.

You'll get out of bed at 2 in the morning and dance till you're not sad anymore.

You'll delete old voicemails to make room for new ones without thinking twice.

You'll mail the letters worth mailing and throw away the rest

You'll neglect to notice their name hasn't crossed your mind in weeks.

But when it does, you'll smile. Or feel nothing and it won't feel empty at all

You are going to miss people.

And you are going to be okay.

9- I miss deep 3:00 AM conversations about life and the world and the delusion that the man I am talking to actually cared about those topics, had an honest opinion, cared about mine, rather than just trying to score brownie points or gain my interest.

I miss mind blowing sex and intimacy and the delusion that the man I am having sex with wanted me for more than just my body and the pleasure I could give him.

I miss the delusion that I am wanted, cared for, important, special, rather than just a convenience because I happened to be at the right place and right time and no one else was around.

I miss the delusion that arguments and differences are stepping stones to a better understanding of one another, building blocks to a stronger relationship, a stronger team, rather than little parasites slowly eating away at the union until there is nothing left but a rotting carcass.

I miss the delusion that you could fall into mutual love with a person and that it would last forever, rather than the scales slowly becoming uneven to where one person gives more love than the other is ever capable of giving back.

I miss the delusional hope that things could ever get better.

I miss the delusions.

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