9 Important Lessons Learned from Living Alone

As we grow up, we start to claim our rights to get a hold of our own lives. To decide for ourselves and have the complete freedom to do whatever we pleased. It’s high time we traced our own path, made mistakes and learned our lessons by ourselves. It’s normal for many of us to have this urgent desire to leave our parents’ house and have our own. Here are some lessons I’ve learned while living home away from home:

1- One can’t live alone, or at least it’s hard to live alone, even when alone means more freedom and peace of mind. We live in a community because we need each other. We not only one need help, but also need to give help. A great satisfaction can be sensed from helping someone else and making his life better.

2- For every problem, there’s an obvious solution, and another one, that is not all that obvious but it’s still there for those who take life simply, and this solution can sort things out just the same. You’ll be amazed to know how many problems can be sorted out in a non-usual way. Living alone, taught me how to sort things out, but not in the usual way, it made me creative, but especially believing that every problem has a solution.

3- I know that our parents had always wanted to teach us about managing our money and saving it, but you won’t learn that skill truly until you start living alone, have your own budget and do your own grocery. You’ll probably go through some days broke, and you’ll be needing something urgent, right then you’ll learn to always make sure you put aside some money for those cases. And that’s when you can say you learned how to manage your budget.

4- Have you ever tried to stop blaming others for the circumstances you’re living and take your own responsibility? Well, the best way to do so is to start living on your own. Only when you live alone away from home, that you’ll stop complaining. Simply because there’s no one around to listen to your complaints as your parents used to do, and then because complaining wouldn’t change anything at all, if anything, it will only leave you feeling even bitter. Right then you’ll know better than to add a negative thought to your drama, and you’ll start figuring ways to cope and most importantly you’ll learn that the solution to most of your problems is gratitude, simply because you don’t have as many problems as you think in the first place.

5- I’ve learned that loneliness is hard, yet inevitable. One who can’t enjoy his own company can’t enjoy others’. A radio or a TV can break the dead silence and cheer you up. A good book can be of a great company as well.

6- If you ever felt sad or in no mood to cheer up and that is for no specific reason, know then that you’re homesick, even without you realizing. Subconsciously you’re missing your home, even with having a new home. With time it’ll get easier, though. Still, it’s important to pay a visit every now and then, it can improve your mood a great deal.

7- When you live on your own and start cooking for yourself, it might seem exciting at first. But then as the days passes, you’ll run out of choices of what to cook and it seems like you’re only eating few different recipes, not exactly what you’re used to when you were living with your family. Well, simply because when you’re not the one who’s cooking, you’ll eat whatever is served. But when one lives on his own, he often will cook only the dishes he loves, which can’t be as many as the ones you used to eat before. Therefore you got to eat those you love and those you’re indifferent about.

8- Living alone might mean freedom and peace of mind for many, but after a while, one can’t help himself but long for a company. We’re living in a society because we need each other, we can’t live our whole lives alone, no one deserves that. And right then, home cease to mean a house. Rather we start calling some people our home. Without them, home won’t feel like a home anymore.

9- Everyone wants to own his own house, and there’s a reason for that. You might at first think that loaning a house would be perfect, because you probably don’t want to build any ties to any place and you’ll be absolutely free to move somewhere else whenever you wanted. But, after a while, you might feel literally homeless, though you have a house, but you just know that it’s not yours and someday, you’ll have to leave it. Subconsciously, we start to build ties to the places we live in, we start to make memories, and the freedom you, at first, wanted won’t stand anymore in front of the thought that you might leave someday and you might miss the place. Moreover it’s the unpredictable future that worries us, the uncertainty! Where will you live next? Would it be better than your current place?..

Living on your own can get tough at times, but it’s definitely worth it, for life is all about experiences.

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