5 Things To Look For In Your Soulmate For A Long-Term Relationship

To be with someone you love is a great thing, but it's not enough! there's much more to look for in your soulmate more than loving him and below are some of these things:

1- Someone who loves you:

Not just attraction, but a true love, a love that is reflected by his deeds before his words. Men can be too gentle that they might tell you they love you even though it's merely an attraction, don't let words and empty promises fool you. Not everyone who tells you he loves you, does for real, words can mean little when deeds are the opposite.

2- Someone who accepts you:

Acceptance is what we all are looking for. We feel like we belong to some people and places just because we feel accepted the way we are. And to feel accepted by a partner is something you can't live without. I myself, the more I feel accepted, the more open I want to be with that person, and then I tend to talk more about myself and let him in. In the other hand, if I ever felt that I'm not accepted the way I am, I tend to stay quite as an unconscious reaction to that! I spent two years with a partner who doesn't know me at all, for the simple reason, I didn't feel accepted, so I didn't talk much to let him know me well. It's suffocating not to be able to be yourself, just because a partner isn't accepting you the way you are.

3- Someone who respects you:

When not being respected, you'll lose your confidence and your self-esteem. When the one you love think less of you, when he gives you and your opinion no importance, you'll eventually believe it, you'll believe that you have no importance even with being with him, let alone when you're not with him anymore, and the more you stay with him, the more you'll believe it. You'll begin to listen and you'll stop talking even thinking because you're not going to say anything important anyway, you'll give up on your dreams then.

In the other hand when you're being truly respected, which is what we all deserve no matter what you think about yourself, you'll feel more confident, you'll believe in your own dreams and then you'll invest in it and in yourself. We need to be respected, especially by a partner.

4- Someone who listens and understands:

We all need to express ourselves, but you might not feel that excited about expressing yourself when your partner doesn't seem to listen let alone to understand you. And not being able to communicate might lead to depression especially if you have almost no one to talk freely to except for a partner who won't listen. I got into a depression because I had a lot to talk about but didn't have anyone in my life but a partner who wouldn't give some time and try to listen. Then when I started making friends and I had some besties, I started to talk and bit by bit I got to be happy again and even happier than ever before. 

5- Someone who shares some of your dreams:

When you and your partner are completely different it's a problem. While nothing is wrong with adversity, in a relationship, if you'll spend the whole time trying to meet half the way and trying to conciliate those differences, you won't have any time left to enjoy what you have in common, if you ever have any! Differences can start from your daily routine to your long-term goals in life, either way, it's irritating not to have anything in common.

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