Top 12 Practical Tips For Self-Improvement

Sometimes it isn't the problem that hurts and make you feel sick, but the fact that you're putting efforts over and over again, yet you're still in the same place, or maybe that what it seems to be like. But things can change! don't give up, and don't run away, give it time, give it a try if that's what it takes, be uncomfortable for a while, eventually, you won't be always feeling this way. 

Everyone has problems, the difference, is the way each one deals with his own problems. Some would let go of the small stuff, others would make from it a big deal and a spoiler for their peace of mind. Below are some good self-development tips that can make a big difference in your life:

1- Life is so much based on the mental, what you think you become! Monday makes us feel sick, it's not a coincidence or a bad lack, it's just us, we think that we're sick for real just because we feel uncomfortable about Mondays while we were full of energy on the weekend!

2- When we're through some hard time, we think that leaning on drugs and smoking or eating junk food would make us feel better, but it doesn't, it only makes it worse, leaving us even miserable and empty. 
Filling in your desires might sound good, but it never feels good, not after a while at least, junk food is always welcomed, but it would only leave you feeling worse than you were before eating it. It turns to be that making the right choices, no matter how hard it seems, is best to make us feel better.

3- When you feel tempted to get sad, look for hope, hope can ease it all, hope for a better life and a better you.

4- Sometimes you don't have to think much about the future, just live in the now and make the most of it. Life is memories, not plans! 

5- Don't let others rudeness harden your heart, there's bad and good everywhere and in everyone. Don't look for perfect people to live with or a perfect place to live in 
but take advantage in every situation you're living. What you have, where you are can be already enough if you let it be so.

6- We need an escape from reality every now and then, and a dream to work on or a good book can do!

7- When you lose excitement for life, it's quite important to remind yourself of those exciting goals you once decided that you want to live for, like exploring the world or making a success out of your passion.

8- Don't just get yourself busy, but do something that your future self will thank you for.

9- When you look for value, don't look for it in people around you, rather look for it in yourself, in the thing you're good at, in you achievements and accomplishments, because you can't control people, but you still can control yourself.

10- You don't have to go hard on yourself, you're here to do good, to help and to build. Do it and don't give much care about how you feel right now because you're moods, you can come to feel worthy, and worthless in a matter of a moment.

11- Each struggling you came out from is a victory, and those small victories will show you that for every hard time there must be an overcoming, for every problem, there must be a sort out... that things are possible, that there's hope!

12- Creativity doesn't diminish by using, at the opposite it only grows when you use it, like your mind, like your muscles. While machines depreciate with time and with using, we human beings, the more we invest in ourselves the more we can produce, you don't actually need rest, but you need to work on the things you love, something that excites you and makes it feels like a rest to work on it.

13- When you make a promise, and then you decide against it, the least you can do is telling them that you've changed your mind. It's rude to let others waiting or raising hopes, no matter what you think it means to them.

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