7 Meaningful Signs You're More Independent Than You Think You Are

Nothing feels better than knowing that you're capable! Capable of doing a lot of things, most importantly, taking care of your own self. It's true freedom, something you only feel when you're truly independent and below are some meaningful signs you're more independent than you think you are:

1- You don't ask for help:

Even though you can always ask for it, you simply prefer to do it yourself, and the only time you ask for someone else's help is to learn how to do it so that you'll do it yourself next time.

2- You're happy when you're single:

You don't consider yourself a half of a person, you know that not having a partner doesn't mean that your life is incomplete. You believe that happiness is an inside job that you make yourself, with your attitude, with your thoughts and beliefs.

3- You enjoy your own company:

You feel okay with being alone, you already have your own hobbies and passions that makes you enjoy your time alone.

4- You let go of the small things:

You wouldn't let anything ruin your mood, you know that life isn't perfect yet it still can be enjoyed though all the problems and struggles, for that you live up the moment and let go of the small problems that are thrown your way every now and then.

5- You respect people:

No matter if they deserve to be respected or not, you respect people just the same. You're not willing to defend yourself and prove it to anyone, you prefer your peace of mind and value your relationships. You'd rather be the one getting hurt, than the one who's hurting others.

6- Responsibility excites you:

Even though it seems a heavy thing to carry over, it challenges you and excites you since it means more value, it gives you a reason and a cause for your life.

7- Your relationships priorities had changed:

Nou now know how rare true friends are, nevertheless you still meet and keep up with the people you know, because you actually need to socialize and build relationships. But now family becomes in the first place, then friends, friends can be replaced, family can't be.

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