13 Small Self-Development Hacks For A Simpler Life

The more you understand life, the easier it will get. For that it's quite important to be mindful of all the lessons life is teaching you day in and day out, below are some self-development hacks that will make your life simpler:

1- When you feel stressed, try to get things done, it's always a great relief to get some things done.

2- Don't expect anything from anyone, disappointments shouldn't exist in our lives, because no one owes us anything, so why to expect in the first place!

3- It's great to face your problems, but sometimes the best you can do is to let it go, for that you don't have to control everything.

4- When someone makes fun of you, you don't have to laugh, if you didn't like it, then make it clear that you didn't like it. Believe me, the only one who'll be looking bad will be the one who was trying to make fun of you and not you.

5- Don't look for endless happiness, rather look for it each moment, and that's all that you need.

6- Sometimes opening up to someone close, whether it was a close friend or a lover, can free you from the negative thoughts you keep dwelling on.

7- Don't hold yourself from doing many things at the same time, it doesn't mean that you won't give your best for what matters most. To be really good at something, you don't have to concentrate only on it. Sometimes I don't have to concentrate only on studying, doing a bit of blogging is a great thing to refill my motivation for studying.

8- Everyone can teach you something! You're not always right, and people aren't always wrong. Even those whom you don't respect and wouldn't take their advice can sometimes speak a wisdom! everyone can teach you something!

9- accomplish more, we find a lot of self-esteem in accomplishments, for the more you accomplish, the more you feel like a grown up. You feel like you're capable and that everything is possible, for what you once thought was impossible, is possible now and you made it.

10- Pictures can be far from reality, especially nowadays, don't let it fool you! tell me about all those guys I got a crash on, only to be disappointed when I saw them face to face!

11- To live with no regrets, give it try! this goes for the unknown, and not for what people does like smoking, taking drugs... Because the consequences are known, it's for the chances you can take, the adventures you can go on! don't grow to wonder what if you did that...

12- When someone is using you for his benefits, then he's not worth keeping, don't regret losing his company, cause you're better off without him even if you can't see it right now! eventually, you'll find it out later!

13- No matter how hard the situation might be, try to have fun. It will ease it.

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