5 Things You're Probably Doing That Are Making You Unhappy

At some point we get sick from sadness and being sad and angry all the time, we want then to turn the page and start a brand new life, a happy one. We try hard to keep our mood cheered up, but then when we first get to feel a moment of sadness or anger we feel like we failed.

The point isn't to live your whole life laughing, it's quite important to know that feeling down, or getting mad or any other emotion is something normal to feel, we're human beings! The point is to not let it hold you down and to cheer up again! 

As much as we wish happiness, we tend sometimes to enjoy being unhappy, maybe unconsciously, maybe because we think that some things should be in some kind of way, and as long as it's not the case, we think that we're never going to be happy. Below are some things you're probably doing that are making you unhappy:

1- Living in the past:

Ain't nothing worse than regrets, especially when we live thinking that the past was way too better than this right moment and so we wish we could turn back time or we just keep dwelling on that past. You got to understand that having a present that is better than your past is something you make yourself, you change and improve yourself and your life, so you might as well learn from your past and live it behind right where it's meant to be! Live now, be better than who you were yesterday!

2- Using the "I won't get happy until...":

We're all in the seek of happiness, and so we try a lot of things to be so, sometimes we don't try, we think that a life is meant to be happy or not, because we see others happy and we think they're so thanks to what they have, the looks, the cars, the house, the job, the relationship... Which is not true at all! for the sole reason that happiness comes from within us, anyone who's happy, is only happy because of his inside, and those who are grateful are the happiest. It took me a long time to learn this, long years of sadness wishing I had a car, a relationship, a job... each time I get some of them, it would only leave me even sadder and empty, the funny thing was that I've become happy after I lost all of the things I wanted and later I found out that those things were the reason for my misery, my boyfriend was stressing me out and making me sad, my car was depriving me of seeing the world and enjoying the walk... I was knocking doors from the inside!

3- Comparing yourself to others:

Partly we do it for the approval of ourselves, we don't like to see ourselves left behind, and another part, we do it for the approval of others, we worry about what they think of us, about being rejected and criticized, which is normal, if they ever tried to convince you that it's not! but it's not a healthy way to live by, we have minds and we have the say about our lives, therefore, you can always control yourself! Bit by bit you'll find out that living on your own expectations and not giving a care for people can bring so much peace into your life, you'll be less stressed and happy! you can be loved just the way you are and especially because you're different and irreplaceable.

4- Complaining:

It's always comfortable to sit down, whine and complain about our lives, maybe waiting for a miracle to happen and change our lives for us, or maybe just doing it because it feels good to let out our negativity, which in fact we're letting in the negativity, because it only existed when you complained! no one owes you anything, your parents aren't responsible for you just because they gave you birth, after you're a grown up and on your own, I might say that you're now responsible for them, even if they didn't ask for your help! those you once helped doesn't owe you any help back, anything you want, you got to do it yourself, and nothing is ever done itself, you got to get up and do it, nothing will change unless you change something.

5- Holding on a toxic relationship or job:

everyone dreams of having a job or a relationship, it's a good thing if you have one, as long as it's making you happy, if it's not, then it's probably not worth keeping. Sometimes we fear to let go because we fear that something good won't happen twice, but letting go of something that is making you miserable isn't a good thing, it's not about the relationship or the job itself, it's about what it makes you feel, fancy places sounds good, but it makes me feel uncomfortable, but I love simple places out there in the nature for the sole reason that it's making me happy, and so it goes for people, no matter how your next job or relationship will be, if it's making you happy, then it's definitely better than this current one that is making you unhappy.

You deserve happiness, don't let anything or anyone stand in the way, especially not you!

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