5 Things Your Partner Secretly Wishes You Would Stop Doing

It's a great thing to see our partner trying hard for us, for that we can't get to ask him to stop doing some efforts we believe that are unnecessary because where there's love, there are different rules. Below is a list of some things your partner wishes you would stop doing:

1- Trying to be perfect:

We often try our best to impress our partners, we show them our qualities and we try hard to hide any flaw or weakness. Perfect is good, but perfect can't be loved, for your flaws are making you special. Your imperfection is what's going to make them love you. I hate each time my partner get alone because he wouldn't let me see him being weak. Each time he has a problem he wouldn't tell me, just so I won't think less of him. Well, I want to see him weak, I want to be there for him, for those imperfections are making him close to me, I'm not perfect too!

2- Not asking for help when you need it:

While asking for help can get annoying sometimes, not asking for it when you need it is even more annoying! It's not about the help, it's about you being in need. When my partner wouldn't wake me up when he needs something, I would get angry, I don't care about sleeping, I care about him. Nothing feels better than being able to fulfill your partner's needs, any need! and it feels even better to know that your partner needs you!

3- Comparing yourself to others:

It's not that talk about how you got to be yourself and you should be loved for who you are, but we do see you perfect, and we do see that no one has anything on you, we want you and only you. There would be always people that are smarter, more attractive... And of course we do know it, but we don't need someone who's better than you, we want you, and that makes you perfect for us! So you might as well take a deep breath and stop thinking that we might leave you just because we met someone who's better than you, unless it's not true love. In that case you shouldn't even feel sorry for it!

4- Forgetting to have your own life:

We want to feel cared about, we want to be a priority, but not to be your whole world. We would love to see you working on your dreams and being successful, we love to see you socializing... As much as we want to feel how badly you need us in your life, we want also to see how independent and strong you are. No one wants a partner with an empty life after all! We don't want you to be around us every minute, we want to miss you too!

5- Putting your ego and pride in the way:

Pride and ego is useless with a soulmate, if someone doesn't open up to his soulmate, then to whom should he open up? I hate when my partner would hold himself from talking to me when he's missing me, just because of his pride, just because he's waiting for me to talk first!

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