5 Relationship Argument Mistakes You Didn't Know You Were Making

Arguing is a part of the relationship whether you believe it or not. We're different and it's okay to be so. Arguing, even if it sounds bad, it can be actually a good thing, especially when it comes to the making up and what you get to learn about your partner. 

So the point isn't to not fight at all, but to fight right, below are some arguments mistakes you didn't know you were making:

1- Letting misunderstanding in:

Often we refuse to hear the other part of the story, thinking that we have enough of it, but sometimes you can be mad for no real reason. Sometimes the story can be all different from the one you have in your head. Before you judge, try to hear the full story, let your partner explain himself.

2- Bringing up your insecurities:

The point from arguing is to try to understand your partner better, but often we don't give ourselves the chance to understand them because we're too busy protecting ourselves, protecting our invisible gem, and often it's not really about you. For example, when I get mad and I walk away saying that I don't want to see you, my partner would get too self-conscious about the way he looks, while for me it has nothing to do with his look.

3- Bringing up breakup each time :

It's easy to run away and hide, I often wish I can run away from everything. I do wish life was easier or less demandant, but things doesn't go our ways! We need discomfort to grow up, and we need to get through the struggles of our relationship if we ever wanted a solid one. Bringing up breakup isn't only a sort of running away, but it also a threat to your partner. Being angry and sick doesn't give you the right to put them in the threat that you might leave him. No one likes to feel this way, afraid of making another mistake, just because you threaten to leave.

4- Blaming him :

We would blame our partner if it would make us feel better about ourselves even if it wasn't the truth, even if it will hurt them. We often forget that no one is perfect, that we're not perfect. So we might as well take a look at ourselves before putting the blame on him. 

5- Arguing over the same things :

Somethings irritates us, and it irritates us more when we keep arguing over it each time. Then maybe it's something you're ought to accept and move on, we all have our flaws, flaws that aren't supposed to be fixed, you don't have to fix anything in your partner and it's rude to try to. You just have to accept him the way he is and adapt, or just leave him in peace.

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