8 Things To Keep In Mind If You Feel Like An Outsider

To be different that may sound great, yet it's hard, because different might make you feel an outsider. Below are some things you need to keep in mind:

1- Toxic people are everywhere, and in this life you'll meet plenty of them. The point isn't to avoid them, but to know how to deal with them, because you won't be able to avoid them all the time, they'll crash into you from time to time. 

2- You should know that ain't nothing wrong with you, their character is the only wrong thing, so be easy with it. Don't make others' rudeness a big deal that it may ruin your day, just let it go and focus on what matters. 

3- One gold rule in life is to never look for others' approval, when you truly convince yourself that you're good enough no matter what people are thinking of you, then their rudeness won't matter anymore. Your value doesn't decrease based on someone's inability to see your worth!

4- But being around mean people shouldn't make you judge all the humanity, there's always good and bad, you choose where your focus goes.

5- If someone has something bad to say about you, it's probably because they have nothing good to say about themselves.

6- Getting along with people is always better than hating each other, you lose much more when you argue with people, more than when you get along with them.

7- People will keep judging you no matter what you're going to do, no matter how you treat them and act with them, even when you want to be alone and you want to avoid them, they'll take it as rudeness and arrogance, so you might as well don't give a care in what others are thinking about you.

8- Don't let others rudeness harden your heart, be kind and soft even if you won't get any of it back. To be kind and good to people is to bring peace into your life. When you do good to others, you actually doing it for yourself in the first place, when you help, you lift yourself, you feel worthy seeing the difference you've made in someone else's life.

I should have known better than to go for success and pleasing people at the same time, they're two contradictory things, that can't meet, so you might as well make you choice!

I dream of living an inspiring life, a life full of exploring and travelling, full of helping and serving, full of love and kindness, even if I won't get any of it back, it won't matter, because deep inside I know that I'm not alone in this, I may not meet those great people that inspired in real life, but deep inside I know that they exist somewhere in this wonderful world, and I'm willing to be one of them.

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