7 Ways To Practice Gratitude And Feel Happier Every Day

I've started looking for happiness when I decided that I've had enough from negativity and drama and that it was a high time for a happily ever after. So I've tried so many ways to get happy. I tried getting into a relationship, which didn't work because obviously if you're not happy alone, then you won't be happy in a relationship... 

Everything I've tried couldn't give me a true happiness, it was rather a temporary one, and it took me a long time to understand that happiness comes from within us. I was knocking doors from the inside! So below are some ways to set up a happy life:

1- Help people:

We always want to feel fulfilled, and while helping seems to be something that will take from you and give you nothing material, it's quite the opposite, because when you help, you in fact help yourself. When you give, you give to yourself, no one had ever become poor by giving, and while you help and give, you'll feel your worth and value, you'll feel how important you are to be in this world, because you indeed made it a brighter place. You'll feel also grateful for the life you have when you see others with so many problems, yet they're still holding on. You'll see others who are happy with less than you have, so how could you not be grateful?

2- Consider the things money can't buy:

Each time I feel tempted to be ungrateful and complain about my life, I remember the things that I won't ever think of trading it for anything in this world, things that are so precious that you can't think of changing your life because you don't want to lose them. 

My partner is one of them, in fact, I would give the world for just being with him. Think of the good things you have in your life, your friends, your family, it can be also the strength you've built from all those struggles, the wisdom... 

3- Life is too short to be ungrateful:

I would rather spend life busy being happy with what I have, than to spend it busy complaining about what I don't have. I mean we all want to live happy and grateful, so why not to be, why to waste time whining and complaining as if it's going to make things better, it doesn't no matter how much you complain, nothing will ever change.

4- Remember, nothing is really as it seems:

Images are so powerful, yet images are fake, when you look to others' life, you only see what they show you, you only see the bright side of it, you don't know what their journey is all about, you don't see what they're going through... Maybe if you had known the dark side of their lives, you wouldn't envy them at all.

5- Keep up the inspiration:

To be happy and grateful means to be hopeful, to be excited about life and to believe in a better future. Therefore, we need inspiration to live hopefully. When you see other people succeeding at their passion, living for good causes, you would certainly believe in a better future, and like they did it, you can do it as well. 

I knew someone who made a success from his passion and seeing his art, would brighten my day and lift my mood in a while!

6- Do what you love and do it often:

No matter what you have to do, whether it was studies, a job you needed to take... Keep doing the things you love. We all have passions we enjoy, we might not be the best at it, but with some practicing, you can succeed at it and make from your dream a reality. 

When we see someone else's success, we only see the accomplishments, but we don't see the struggling, we don't see the years spent practicing, we don't see the pain and the suffering, yet we still think that they were lucky. Ain't no luck with success, because what comes easy, will go easy too, nothing deserved had ever come from luck, no one was born successful, they worked for it and so you have to work for it as well!

7- The world doesn't owe you anything:

Even if people made you feel like they do owe you, your family, your friends, a partner... Even if you felt like they do owe you, the truth is that they do not. Even those whom you helped or gave to, they don't owe you anything back. So you might as well lower your expectations, better yet, don't expect at all. 
It might sound unfair, but life isn't supposed to be fair to be perfect. 

To be able to provide for yourself and do it all by yourself, and for the things you don't know how to do, you learn them, that's true freedom. Freedom isn't not to be in a jail, it's to be able to live independent, to never need anyone else's help! and that, you should be grateful for!

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