5 Habits You Might Not Know Are Toxic

No matter how much I vowed to myself to change, to give up the bad habit and stick to the good ones, I couldn't get it perfect, I succeed sometimes but I fail other times too. but each time I would only care to succeed more than I fail, as it takes practice, it also takes to remind yourself constantly with all those principles and decisions you've made to better your life. For that here's a list of habits you might not know how toxic they are:

1- You blow out your anger whenever you feel like it:

We need to be ourselves and to stop pretending, but if being yourself would mean to be rude and hurt people whenever you feel like it, then please pretend and don't be yourself. 

In fact, whatever you feed is going to grow, when you feed your anger by letting it go out, you won't calm down, at the opposite you'll become more irritated and more likely to blow out your anger, you won't be able to control yourself anymore. But not showing it out will calm you down and teach you how to control yourself. You'll eventually let go of the small stuff and bring peace into your life.

2- You expect things from the others:

To start with, no one owes you anything, even if you feel like some people do, even if those people made you feel like they do owe you, even your parents, your partner, the people you helped... don't owe you. When you give, you should expect nothing in return, otherway it won't be called helping, but business. This is easy to say, hard to convince yourself with, but when you try to take your own responsibility, when do everything you want by yourself, and for the things you don't know how to do, you learn them, living that way will show you how blessed you are to have the chance to do it all by yourself. Being independent, needing no one's help, that's true freedom!

3- You look for what is there for you in everything:

The self-love sometimes turns into selfishness, when you think that helping someone else is a waste of time, when you think like you have to get as much benefit as you can from everything and everyone. In fact, we rise by lifting others, and no one had ever become poor by giving. If helping and giving would take anything from you, then it would be your selfishness and your life problems. When you help others, you'll see how their problems are much bigger than yours, you'll see how others are happier with less than you have, there you'll feel grateful for your own life. You'll see how nothing really matters, not in the way you think it does at least. When you give away, you'll see that you don't actually need what you think you do, you'll be able to live on what you have now, and it would be more than enough. It's not true that you need that car, that house or those clothes to be happy, go buy them if you want and then tell me if you felt any happier. I was thinking that all that I'm missing is a new car and my life would be perfect. Now that I have it, I think that I was happier without it. I only get sadder when I buy for myself. 

4- You don't believe enough in your passion:

We all have this special thing that we love, we enjoy and we do better than others. We're not the best at it, but we're so good at doing it. And just because we're not the best right now at this passion, we feel like we won't ever be. 

It needs practice, but not as much as it needs for you to believe hard in it. I used to think that working on your dream would take from you a long time and it might not happen to be that successful at it even after that long time, until I met someone who made me believe only in my passion, and that ain't no other job worth to work on like your dream. He was an artist. He loves art and made from it a living, he works every day on it and made himself a pretty successful person. He did painting, photography, directing, designing... It was such a beautiful world and a beautiful dream that came from a daily working, yet it's a work you enjoy, a work you don't need a vacation from!!

5- You look for others approval, and let their opinion be a priority in your life:

Their opinion shouldn't even exist in your list of priorities. You have two choices in this life, whether you be successful, or you please people. People by nature refuse anything strange from them, and successful people aren't a majority, therefore they're likely to be rejected and criticized. Scientifically, not giving a care in others' opinion about you, is proved to make you feel happier. After all the world isn't really concentrated on you, not in the way you think, at least. Like you have your own insecurities, each one of them has his own insecurities as well.

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