How To Live A Life Without Regrets

Life doesn't wait! how many times we've heard it, but few among us believe in it, It means to live the life you're dreaming about right now, and not in five or six years, It means to shut all the excuses down and give it a try, It means to push your limits and take the risk, it means to step out of your bubble and embrace discomfort, And only then you can say I lived! So below are some ways to live a life without regrets:  

1- Make sure that you do what you love: 

No matter what it was, no matter what people thought about it if you love it, then it is the best thing for you to do. Others don't know what's good for you, only you do. 2- Buy moments and not things: 

While you're young don't earn money to buy stuff, rather spend it to experience, to explore the world, money spend on good moments is never wasted, nothing you'll buy can make you any happier, so you might as well not buy it.

3- Explore the world: 

Go out, you won't regret it. In the other hand, you often regret staying at home, especially those days you spend sleeping the day and killing the time.
Don't wish for a big house, wish for a big heart that is willing to explore every corner in this world, life is meant to be explored, and not spent at a house, because indeed, home in nowhere and everywhere.

4- Make your life simpler: 

The simpler your life, the happier you'll get.
  Ain't no life without problems, and it won't be one, but then that's the fun of it, a perfect life can't be a wonderful life, it's rather boring.
Life is about seeing the big picture and stop focusing on the small negative stuff

5- Be grateful: 

I know as being young it's hard to be grateful, because we can't get enough, we want a lot of things that makes us blind on what we already have, life is perfect when we're grateful, and you don't need any reason to be so, life itself is a great gift.

6- Help, Help, Help: 

When you help others, you actually help yourself, build a healthier life as you'll always feel satisfied and worth, you'll feel the reason why you're here in this world.

7- Will to be different: 

It's hard to be a stranger, but what's even harder is to feel it without you knowing the reason why you feel it, to feel always out of place, but you just think that it's something wrong about you, that you have to be like the people around you, but actually, it's just because you're different from some people.

8- Not priorities, but opportunities: 

I mean it's good to work and study, but sometimes, it's not about priorities, it's just about opportunities, you can always work, it'll be always there, you'll have all the life to work, but you can't always have the opportunity to explore the world and experience something new, you won't have always the opportunity to help someone and bright his day!

9- Life doesn't require experiences to be lived:
No matter what age you are, you'll always have enough experiences to live up your life, so don't worry about it, especially don't let it hold you from doing what you want to do.

10- What you want, don't look for it:

You don't have to look for anything, you just have to walk away each time. 

You don't have to look for happiness, but each time you're sad, let it go and move on to something else. 

You don't have to look for the right people, but each time someone hurts you walk away and get to know new people. 

Don't hold yourself from experiencing it all, because only then you'll find what you're looking for.

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