8 Signs You're In The Wrong Relationship

Here I am after three years, realizing that we weren't meant for each other. Now how long does it going to take to know another one? to love him and to figure out if we're meant for each other or not? But then it happened just the next day of my breaking up, I met the one, we fall immediately and here I am waking up the next morning in a relationship with a much better love. 

If you're not happy in your relationship, then probably it's not worth keeping, you deserve happiness, you deserve true love, don't be afraid to let go of the good for what's even better. Below are some signs that you're in the wrong relationship:

1- You feel lonely: 

Though being single means that you're alone, often we don't feel lonely, but when a relationship is making you feel lonely, then it's probably not worth keeping.

2- You lose excitement about life: 

I used to be busy doing a lot of things, doing things I love, but when I was in a relationship, I started to find it quite hard to get up from the bed in the morning, I started to have sleeping troubles, depressions, stressing time... I was sad and I lost excitement about life, I didn't realize at first the reason why I'm feeling this way, I thought that it's a matter of time and this stress will pass away, but it did not, until I break up. And even when I was in a relationship again, a healthier one this time, I got even more excited about life, happy and willing to get up from the bed to start my day.

3- You feel less of yourself: 

No one is perfect, and love isn't blind on your imperfections, it's rather full of seeing, and acceptance, when you're with the right one, you'll feel so confident and comfortable to be yourself, knowing that you're fully accepted for the person you are. When I was with the wrong one, he used to make me feel too self-conscious, he made it so clear that some days I didn't look so good, he made sure to point out every single flaw in me that I felt like I don't deserve to be loved. But now being with the right one, I don't have to worry about how I'm looking like, or about being myself with him, I felt fully accepted.


4- You'll feel unworthy: 

Rather than pointing out your flaws, the right one will cherish your qualities and invest in it. My Ex used to make me believe that I'm stupid, unworthy, that I'm way too inferior to him, even when I asked for a breakup, he thought that I would never find someone who'll able to love me. He was dead wrong because the next day I was in another relationship with someone who is way too better, who made me feel worth all the love and attention.

5- You always feel disrespected: 

He doesn't respect who you are, your thoughts, your religion if it's different from his, your family and friends... it can even be shown when he doesn't respect your wish, when you say no for something you don't want to do, but he makes you do it or makes you feel guilty for not doing it. 

6- You're too jealous:

You always feel jealous whenever he's not around you, and you constantly worry about the idea that he may leave you some day or look outside for someone else. It's not just you being dramatic or missing some confidence, if you felt that way, then that means that he's making you feel worried and threatened, he doesn't cherish you enough or make you feel important to him.

7- You can't bear your time apart:

Missing someone is a thing, but not being able to live without them is another thing, it can't be a healthy way to live by, to stay worrying what is he doing, with whom he is or just waiting the next time you'll talk to him or see him. Those intense feelings don't necessary mean that you love him deeply, if he gives you reasons to worry, then it's a toxic relationship to be in.

8- You're putting in more effort than your partner:

A relationship is a work of two, to put in effort shows how important your relationship and your partner are to you, but to be the only one putting in the effort would only mean that he's not worth it. Sometimes you just can't force it, if he doesn't care, no matter how much you cared, you can't change the way he feels. If they love you truly, you'll see it in every word and every deed.

When I came to a break up, I thought, not that it took me three years to figure out that we're not meant for each other, rather I thought that there were signs from the beginning and all the way long, but I did ignore all those signs, thinking that love can conquer it all, well it made me hold on all those three years, but now I made a vow to be mindful about these signs in my next relationship.

You deserve to be happy, and if you're not happy in this relationship, then you probably would like to consider it. Letting go of a relationship that is making you miserable, isn't something to be regretted.

Sometimes we try so hard on things that aren't meant to be, the point isn't to figure out whether it's meant to be or not, but to do your best and try to choose better each time.

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