3 Great Keys You Should Know If You Want To Live Happily Ever After

Many people are looking for happiness, but they're looking in the wrong places. That's what I was doing first when I decided that I've had enough from this drama and sadness and that I want to live happily ever after, I was knocking doors from the outside, looking in the wrong places, I thought that a partner can make me happy, it did, but just for a while, then when he's not around I was sad again, I figured out that it wasn't true happiness, and that maybe happiness should step out of me. And here I found that it lays in three things: gratitude, service and movement.


To be fully satisfied with being the person you are, and that's the way to be better and improve, it's to accept yourself, and to fall in love with who you are and most of all to accept your imperfections, then to invest in it.
I'm a shy person, when someone takes pictures for me, it's quite obvious that I'm shy. I love how other girls pose in front of the camera, but then this is me! I'm not ashamed to be myself, and I love to see my true self in pictures, I love how every picture reflects the person I am, without any fakeness. Be happy in your own skin, your life isn't as bad as you think it is, no matter what is your life like, you can always make it a wonderful one. To be fully satisfied with how your life is, to know that it's all your responsibility to make it the life you're dreaming of, to be fully convinced that no one owes you anything and anything you want, you got to go after it by yourself. The best thing in the world is to be able to do it all for yourself without needing anyone's help, that's indeed true freedom. We should be grateful, for that all we have, we didn't deserve it, the world doesn't owe you anything, and anything you have is a gift, life alone is a gift. I've learned that what you're in its chase will keep running from you, but once you stop chasing it, it'll be chasing you. Do you really think that you have a bad day! when you feel like you're the most miserable being in this world, look at others who are less than you, who have less than you do and you'll feel grateful in an instant, you're never as miserable as you think you are, it's a matter of attitude. It could be worse, so be grateful! Sometimes we get bored from things that someone else is praying for, right then, you should know that it's a sign for you to start seeing things in a different light.


I slept and dreamt that life was joy. I awoke and saw that life was service. I acted and behold, service was joy. – Rabindranath Tagore What would make the day count is helping others. Don't care much if people are being beneficial or not, using you or not, you're there to help people, without expecting anything in return, otherwise, it won't be called helping, it's more like a business. No matter if they deserve your help or not, no matter if they'll pay back or not, helping has nothing to do with people, it has all to do with you, when you give help, you actually give it to yourself, we rise by lifting others, no giving can make you poor, we get rich by giving. The miracle is this the more we share, the more we have. – Leonard Nimoy  


I found much happiness in traveling and exploring the world, in spending the day out, because we're free, so we should be living nowhere and everywhere.

You'll always have the time to work, but you won't always have the time to explore the world. No matter, if it was cold, raining, hot... live it up!  

We don't actually travel to entertain ourselves, but to learn and explore, and in this we find entertainment.   Life is about laughing & living in good & bad times. Getting through whatever comes our way & looking back with a smile. And no matter how your life is looking like, it doesn't need anything else more to be perfect, it's already perfect. Because perfection has nothing to do with your circumstances, it has all to do with your state of thinking. Your happiness is in your head, not in circumstances, stop knocking doors from the inside!! you don't have to look for happiness because it's within you.

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