Relationships Aren’t Only About Romance, It Requires Efforts

While we were younger we used to fantasize about love and romance, it was a wonderful dream until we met the reality, the real love in a relationship... Well love is still a wonderful dream, it's just us that got it wrong, love is not only feelings, it's also deeds. Never stop doing what's good: Normally we know that what we're doing is good or bad by the result of it, but this doesn't work with relationships, sometimes when your partner reject something you thought it was good doesn't mean that it's not. Doing something good in a wrong way, doesn't mean that you have to stop doing it, it just means that you need to try again but in a different way. You owe it to yourself to make it happy: let's forget for a second about this imaginary perfect partner that will bright your life, your partner is already perfect if you love him unconditionally, anything else you've wanted you have to do it yourself, it may sound hard, but it's differently worth it the solution isn't to wish for another partner, there's no perfect partner, every relationship will take the same efforts, and you're not that perfect to wish for someone who's perfect, have another look at your partner and see the good in him, he'll be then more than perfect to you. Show care even when you don't feel like it: In a long-term relationship, you won't feel always like holding tight, or fighting anymore, you lose excitement, there, you don't have to show it off, keep the negative for yourself and do what you have to do, keep your drama to yourself, positivity always pays, negativity never does. Give without expecting anything in return: Sometimes when we make a lot of sacrifices for someone we love but with nothing in return, we feel disappointed, we wish that we never give them our all, we feel bad about ourselves for being this naive. Well, when you give, you don't expect anything in return otherwise, it will be called business, we want to feel wanted and cared about, but that doesn't mean that we should expect it. Don't hold yourself from love: Love hard, even when you're not getting it back in the same way, we have different hearts, to feel different, even so, it shouldn't hold you from loving with all the depth of your heart. As long as your setting conditions to love someone, you can't say that you truly love him, he don't have to change, but he has to be loved the way he is, otherwise you're getting love wrong. Love unconditionally and let every single deed and word say it out loud. "I love you", never stop saying it: It's not about knowing that you love each other, sometimes you need to keep reminding yourselves every day and every night not just with words, but also with deeds.

In the other hand:

While a relationship where your partner isn't willing to put in the effort isn't worth keeping, you need to consider that sometimes, it's not that your partner isn't willing to put in the effort to make things work out, sometimes he needs your help, because many people find it hard to express their feelings.

Before blaming your partner for not being caring, romantic, give him a chance to be, give him the chance to miss you, I know that nothing feels better than being with your lover, but then you're not giving him a chance to miss you by being around all the time.

Before you judge your partner, you might think of maybe the problem isn't with him, but with you, maybe you're the one who should fit in and not him who should change

I mean we tend to judge others by their actions and ourselves by our intentions, so why not to judge them by their intention, just like how you want to be judged.

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