70 Principles To Live By For A Better You Everyone Forgets

Because our thoughts and beliefs reflect our actions, it's quite important to have great thoughts, below is a list of principles you need to live by for a better you:

1- When someone is upset, let him be, don't overestimate your ability to lift his mood up, don't force it, you can't control how others are feeling.

2- You may think you've got a long way to go, but sometimes you need to look back at how far you've already come.

3- Look at your problems as problems & they'll continue to hold you down. See them as blessings in disguise & that's what they truly become.

4- Be so busy loving your life that you have no time for hate, regret or fear.

5- Either they like you or they don't. Never try to convince somebody of your worth. If a person doesn't appreciate you, they don't deserve you.

6- Never let the sadness of your past and the fear of your future ruin the happiness of your present! Don't let the silly little dramas of each day get you down. For you are here to do great things.

7- Your beliefs don't make you a better person, your behavior does.

8- Change begins at the end of your comfort zone. And you cannot grow unless you are willing to change.

9- Don't be so quick to believe what you hear because lies spread quicker than the truth.

10- Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.

11- What we miss most is respect. We judge, criticize and hurt people because we're not respecting them enough.. we settle for failure because we don't respect ourselves enough, if only we choose to start respecting ourselves and people, many things would change!

12- Everything is limited, and it should be, your freedom is limited when it comes to others, you're free to express yourself as long as you hurt no one

13- You can't just cover up wounds and expect them to heal. It is up to you to make it better.

14- It is no use saying, ‘We are doing our best.’ You have got to succeed in doing what is necessary.

15- Surround yourself with positive people who will support you when it rains, not just when it shines.

16- Live for what you stand for, die for what you believe in, work for your dreams.

17- Don't try to understand everything. Sometimes it is not meant to be understood, just accepted.

18- Stop running to those who ignore you and start running to those who adore you.

19- When things are tough, you must be tougher.

20- Be a voice, not an echo.

21- Live your life and forget your age.

22- When you know what you want, and you want it badly enough, you'll find a way to get it.

23- Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, It is about learning to dance in the rain.

24- Don't worry over what other people are thinking about you. They're too busy worrying over what you are thinking about them. Everyone has his own insecurities.

25- Surround yourself with those who bring out the best in you, not the stress in you.

26- Don't allow your past to define or confine you, you are what you decide, not what you did.

27- Don't be afraid to start over. It's a brand new opportunity to rebuild what you truly want.

28- Dare yourself each day to be a blessing to someone.

29- Dream your dreams with your eyes closed, but live your dreams with your eyes open.

30- Be grateful Never let the things you want make you forget the things you have

31- Do what you fear and fear disappears.

32- Don't look back when you know you shouldn't.
Don't stress over things that don't matter.
Don't worry about thinks you can't control.

33- Sometimes you have to forget what's gone, appreciate what remains, and look forward to what's coming next.

34- Risk more than others think is safe. Dream more than others think is practical. Expect more than others think is possible.

35- Don't let the silly little dramas of each day get you down. For you are here to do great things.

36- Never regret the moments that once made you smile, because those are the ones you will remember forever.

37- Don't give up on things when you think you can fight for it. It's difficult to wait but it's more difficult to regret.

38- Your way of thinking shapes the world around you.

39- Remember, happiness doesn't depend on who you are or what you have; it depends solely on what you think.

40- Promote what you love instead of bashing what you hate.

41- Each morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most.

42- Know who you are, and be it. Know what you want, and go out and get it.

43- Don't let the noise of others' opinions drown out your own inner voice.

44- Accept your past without regret, handle your present with confidence and face your future without fear.

45- Look at your problem outside the box. You will realize the problem isn't your fear itself, but you are the one who's trusting in the fear.

46- If you want to apologize for doing something wrong in the past, just do something right in the future. We all make mistakes. We have to simply remember to forgive ourselves and keep moving forward in order to progress.

47- Apply yourself. Get all the education you can, but then do something. Don't just stand there, make it happen.

48- You can't do anything about the length of your life, but you can do something about its width and depth.

49- Eventually all things fall into place. Until then, laugh at the confusion, live for the moments, and know everything happens for a reason

50- Fill your mind with truth, your heart with love, your life with service.

51- Do all the good you can, to as many people as you can, as often as you can

52- There are blessings every day. Find them. Create them. Treasure them.

53- Do not be afraid of death. Be afraid of the half-lived life!

54- If you don't step forward you will always remain in the same place.

55- Look at your problems as problems & they'll continue to hold you down. See them as blessings in disguise & that's what they truly become.

56- Learn to give without any reason.

57- You will never find time for anything. If you want time you must make it.

58- No matter how many people try to criticize you, the best revenge is to prove them wrong.

59- Thank your past for all the lessons, and move on.

60- Your life changes as soon as your way of thinking does! Think differently and you'll see things differently.

61- Live like each day is your last! Love like you have never been hurt before! Sing like no one is listening! Dance like no one is watching!

62- Stay strong, be positive. We all struggle sometimes.

63- Don't lie to people that trust you, and don't trust people that lie to you.

64- We tend to judge others by their behavior, and ourselves by our intentions.

65- When thinking about life, remember this: no amount of guilt can change the past, and no amount of anxiety can change the future.

66- When life gives you a hundred reasons to break down and cry, show life that you have a million reasons to smile and laugh.

67- You don't need other people to validate you, you're already valuable.

68- Move out of your comfort zone. You can only grow if you're willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable with something new.

69- Stop cursing the darkness and light some candles.

70- Never be upset that it didn't work out. Be glad that you learned something to make you better for the next time.

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