11 Truths About Marriage That I Need My Daughter To Know

No one is born good with relationships, and it's not a sort of luck to be happy in your relationship, it takes effort and constant work from both of people to build a strong relationship and it comes by practice, but while learning I wish to let my daughter know some things to keep in her mind:

1- Before you prejudge your feelings for someone, consider first that you might not love him, maybe you're just loving yourself, you didn't want to be alone, you wanted to feel cared about and you wanted approval from someone else! you don't love until you know that person well. It's always a relief to know that you're cared about and that someone needs you bad in his life, but don't mix it with love!

2- A marriage can't be just peace, love and bliss, it can be full of problems, each time you overcome one, you face another one, and it's alright because the more you overcome, the more you'll understand each other and overcoming problems would only mean that your love is strong enough.

3- Even when your partner hurts you, you should never remind them of old mistakes they've made, because no matter how bad he hurt you, you know that he loves you and he would never do you any harm on bad intentions, when you forgive, forget and bring peace to your relationship, because you've already crossed that bridge, he's not an enemy, he's not someone to be careful from, he's your soulmate, someone to trust and to be open to!

4- Women are taught to take care of her family, and they're not really taught how to receive help or expect to receive it, but you should let your partner help you whenever he offers, it hurts when you want to help someone you love and you get rejected, it feels good to know that the one you love needs you. But even when you're able to take care of yourself and even when you don't need any kind of help, it's okay to show gratefulness when your partner do something for you, even if it doesn't really make a difference, the intention is what counts.

it's rude to be ungrateful for your partner, even if you don't feel like he's doing anything, he might be really doing his best, after all the intention is what counts.

5- In a marriage ain't no need for any pride or ego, you can save it for other people, but with your partner it would only create distances and misunderstanding, your partner should be someone with whom you can be totally open and not afraid to show any emotions.

6- Nothing can destroy a relationship as not trusting each other, make sure to keep up the trust between you both. And if you don't know the story, then stop jumping conclusions. Even being jealous doesn't give you no right to accuse your partner, it hurts to feel un-trusted by someone you love. But when you don't live up to your responsibility as a partner, you may drive the other partner into the arms of another person, there you can't blame them for cheating on you, you should be blaming yourself because it was partly your fault, if you appreciated your partner, he wouldn't have sought attention outside of you.

7- Being a successful woman, when man is not, is quite hard for him, because of his pride, even if woman wouldn't look down at him! he will look down at himself, so you shouldn't be selfish, try to fulfill both of you your dreams. I'm not saying to not be successful, but to not let it affect your relationship. Let him provide and support even if you can do it better!

8- If you have a problem or you feel a certain type of way you should tell your partner, don't take your problems to anybody else but him. You're there to support each other! give it a chance, if he loves you he will listen. Communicate, he can't be there for you if you don't give him a chance to, I know that it's hard to open up to other people, but your partner isn't other people.

9- Most women are hard on their men about showing emotions, but men they also have feelings, and showing them doesn't make them weak, men shouldn't have to live up to some standards of manhood, they hurt just like anyone else and to call them soft or be angry because they show a sign of weakness, shows what type of woman you are! Man's tears doesn't make him less of a man.

10- It's okay to be mad at your partner, but that doesn't mean to stop taking care of him and it can never give you the right to hurt him as well. Marriage is a continuous sacrifice to make your partner happy!

11- you're not supposed to be together every single minute, but when you're together it is supposed to be full of affection and acceptance.

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