11 Best Ways To Simplify Your Life And Find True Happiness

It's ironic how we want to live a simple life yet most of the things we do are complicating it. Life is simple when you want to see it simple. Below are some simple yet effective ways to simplify your life and find true happiness:

1- Take it lightly:

The more you take things lightly, the simpler your life will become. When you stop thinking too much about some daily details and stop forcing things the way you think it's best for them to be, you'll feel much peaceful. Thinking is a great gift as long as you don't use it for the things that you have no control over.

Sometimes you don’t have to try to figure out others, you don't have to really know the reason why some people act in some kind of way. When someone hurts you, you just have to know that it's not about you, it’s probably about the person they are just that simple.

2- Complaining is useless:

Instead of complaining about your life and how hard it is, consider this: appreciate things as it is and work to change what you're complaining about, in silence. You don't have to give your opinion about everything. Don't let complaining and whining blind you from seeing the good about where you are right now! 

When you give up complaining, you move from being a victim to be the leader of your own journey, since you'll stop whining, and start to take actions to change what you wished it changed by itself, or you wished others to change. You start as well realizing that this life isn't supposed to be problem-free to be enjoyed, as long as they're is something to enjoy, then life is already perfect.

3- Be grateful: 

Being happy doesn't mean that everything is perfect, It means that you've decided to look beyond the imperfections.

Don't let anything ruin your day, your moods, your circumstances shouldn't hold you from enjoying your own life, we all have problems and things to stress about, but at the same time we have many reasons to get happy, stay positive and choose to see the good about every situation.

4- Trade judgments with appreciation: 

That was a huge change in my relationship, the moment I stopped judging, everything went beyond perfection, as if my partner became perfect, and he is as long as I love him and he's all that I wish for! be positive and encourage, the world is already full of criticism and negativity.

Don’t hold in any prejudgments about anyone even if he had done something bad, it has nothing to do with him being a good person or not, temptations are all around us and we're bound to make mistakes every now and then. People’s mistakes doesn't make them any less of a good person.

5- Give out more:

You don't make a life with what you get, but with what you give. Helping people, making the world a brighter place, that's what will give your life a meaning.

6- Have a good heart: 

people around you might be far from being an inspiration or an example to follow, but that shouldn't harden your heart, that should only teach you how to keep yourself motivated to never lose faith on what you believe in and to keep going in the right path, even if you'll have to go alone.

7- Change when you need to:

Sometimes you don't have to start all over again each time, sometimes it's okay to improve, trust me your life isn't that bad, it can be perfect the way it is, without starting all over again, changing some details can do the work, don't runway, wishing that you can start again, face it as it is. Life can't be perfect, but it can always be improved.

shut it down! negativity, drama, insecurities, all that you want to eliminate from your life, decide it, be mindful about it and do it again and again until your inner peace become louder than them all.

8- See the big picture:

If you want to simplify your life, see the picture from the outside, step out of your comfort zone and your insecurities and have another look, see how things become much simpler just when you don't bring in your drama.

See the things from the outside, we get angry, frustrated, just because we're locked in our bubble, we see ourselves the victim, and then we act so selfish and mean.

It's not about you, the universe isn't turning around you, and people are not focused on you as much as you imagine.

9- You don't really need everything you think you need:

Rich isn't the one who has more, but the one who needs less. The more you feed in your desires the more you'll desire, it's not something to get fulfilled, but the less you feed it, the less you'll need.

10- Live up your present: 

Don't make promises to change, change right now, don't set up conditions for yourself to be happy, be happy right now.. sometimes later becomes never. Y
ou don't need a perfect life to smile!

Give up worrying, as long as you're doing your best and you're trying to choose each time better, then there's nothing left to worry about, but if you're not doing your best, then this struggle is there to teach you how to do things better, and that's the point of it, each time you struggle you come out stronger and wiser. Such things you can't become it when you're living in your comfort zone.

Enjoy each sunrise and sunset and then make a decision to make the day count with each sunrise and to do better the next day with each sunset.

11- Understand that happiness is not something to look for:

Because it's already within us, the real source of happiness, is within you, it has nothing to do with anything around you, it's that inner peace, a satisfaction you feel from nothing, but from yourself.

We're looking in the wrong places, thinking that a relationship or a job can bring us happiness. Happiness in an inner peace, you feel it no matter what you're going through.

So your goal isn't to find happiness as much as to bring peace to yourself, there's no happiness in this worldly life, only with this inner peace that you can face challenges and struggles and turn them into opportunity to build you up.

Give up drama, you're never as happy as you think you are, neither as sad as you think you are, life is simple when you choose to see it simple, and it's the opposite when you choose to see it the opposite, people, what they do, what they think about you.. doesn't matter, what you think about yourself and how you see yourself is all that matters.

 No one has a perfect life, but some choose to see the good about everything that happens to them and choose to enjoy the moment as it comes.

"Laugh your heart out
Dance in the rain
Cherish the moment
Live, laugh, love, forgive & forget
Life is too short to live with regrets"

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