How To Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone ? 6 Ways To Push Yourself Out Of Your Comfort Zones

"Are you really happy, or just really comfortable?"

I've been living in my comfort zone for years, and actually I ended up not really living, I was jut existing, I found that I didn't learn or experience anything. L
iving in your comfort zone is like being a walking dead 

We think that life must be lived in peace, without problems or challenges, we want to be happy, and we think that this happiness can be found only in our comfort zone, because out of it, pain starts, and we fear pain, we fear failure, disappointments, judgements... But you know what! 
say nothing, do nothing and you'll end up being nothing!

Life isn't really about peace, it's about going through the challenges, yet you still can find an inner peace, so that whatever is happening, you still can enjoy life and make the best of every moment.

" Peace, it does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. It means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart."

So below are some ways to help you to step out of your comfort zone:

1- Get enough motivation: 

And that only to make commitment, because the feeling of being motivated will fade and only the commitment and the decisions you made is what will get you to keep going. You need to understand that life isn't about being comfortable, it's about being comfortable with feeling uncomfortable, when you finally reach out your bed exhausted after a long day of challenges and experiences, there you can say that you lived the day. 

2- Challenge yourself: 

You're stronger than you think, make a comfort zone challenge, do all the things you've been afraid to do or procrastinating and keep a record of the things you've done, this can be a great motivation to keep on!

3- Take actions on what you've decided: 

Doing the change you decided and moving to actions helps to step out of your bubble, turn it into actions!

4- Always give it a try: 

It's better than staying wondering what would happen if you did it! you won't always be in mood to do it, but who needs the mood! forget about it and do it anyway, you'll change your mind later, because moods are nothing but illusions and lies that your mind keep telling you.

5- Be positive: 

Stop complaining or wishing, always see the good about every situation because it's an opportunity if you can take the best of it! let it go. Don't complain about how things are. Things shouldn't be the way you want! it can find its own way of being! the worst things that happens to you can turn to be to the best things, if you only stand strong in front of it and take the best of every situation, the challenge, the lessons, the strength.. that's what matters and it's way too better than staying in peace! in your comfort zone!

6- Never give up: 

You're not supposed to succeed at doing it all, but you're supposed to never give up and each time you fail, get up and start all over again, because it won't be called fail unless you give up and failure is an opportunity to change your strategy and do it in a better way. Just make sure that you won't get back to that comfort zone ever again!

When I've stepped out of my comfort zone:

- I've learned that being open to people is a great thing to do to step out of your bubble, but this is not enough, you need to be selective when it comes to telling your private life. While you're trying to be good to people, not all of them would be good to you, you can't make all of them your best friends! and it's okay! this shouldn't be a turn-off.

- I've learned that it wasn't life, and it wasn't people, it was me the one who did all of this, the good and the bad, I allowed people to disrespect me, it wasn't their fault but mine, I allowed my partner to break my heart, it was my fault since I expected much, and it wasn't life, it was m fault to get closed on myself and resist changes and opportunities to be happier! we actually have control over our lives much more than we think we do!

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