How to Build New Habits In 5 Simple Steps

“We first make out habits, and then our habits make us.” (John Dryden)

Having a successful and happy life largely depends on our habits. If you want to be fit and healthy, your way to do it, is to build good habits like eating healthy and working out. Below is a list of five steps that will help you build a new habit:

1. Make the decision

Whatever habit you want to start, take the decision that you’re going to start acting on it from this moment whenever that behavior is required. If you decide to start meditating, set a specific time for yourself to meditate and when it’s time, do it.

2. Never allow an exception

When you’re at the beginning of starting a new habit, make no exception or excuses why you need to skip it for today. If you made the decision, then keep doing it until it becomes automatic and less tempting to skip it for the day.

3. Visualize 

You can’t do something you can’t see yourself doing. If you want to act in a certain way, or if you want to see a certain change in your life, you’ll need to visualize yourself acting in that desired way. If you can make your mind believe it, then you can do it.

4. Persist

The more you do it, the more you get used to it and soon enough it’ll become your reality. Most of all, be patient, change doesn’t happen overnight, but time is passing anyway, so it’s worth trying.

5. Less is more 

While being able to change your life through changing your behavior might sound exhilarating, you should also take it easy. A lot of people make the mistake of starting several new habits simultaneously. They soon become overwhelmed and no habits had been acquired.

Your turn…

What has been your experience with building habits in the past? What worked with you best?
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  1. great tips! sometimes getting the motivation to do something is a big leap but once you start, things start rolling :)