9 Steps To Take If You Want To Make The Change

by - September 20, 2015

We all want to improve, but you won't improve until you change yourself, until you change the way you're doing what you do and not because you don't want to change that you don't have to, sometimes when you wait for yourself to have the mood to change, it will not come! sometimes you need to push yourself to change, you need to stop talking and start doing, stop convincing yourself with words, and start to let your actions convince you! stop planning and take the first step! So below are some steps to help you to make the change you've always wanted: 1- Get motivated: It's okay to lose motivation to do something, it isn't supposed to last anyway, but what's supposed to last is the commitment you've made when you were motivated. it's not about being motivated for the whole time, it's about being motivated enough to make the decision and the commitment. The first step to getting anywhere is deciding you're not willing to stay where you are. 2- Change slowly but surely: Change won't happen all at a once, so you won't be failing in it, you keep stepping toward it, you're on the right path, as long as you're better than the day before. 3- Keep yourself busy: When you want to give up a bad habit and you feel like you're failing every time, because of the urgent desire to do it, keep yourself busy. Empty life, is a life full of bad habits, if you're not going to choose what to fill your day with, it will be filled with bad habits, even after getting your work done, you still need to fill your spare time with good habits, like reading books, doing some sports... these things will keep you busy enough to not fail in front of temptations. 4- Give it try: Just give it a try, and you'll feel good about yourself to know that you've been stronger than you ever thought you could be. Only when you take the change seriously that you can change, otherwise you're just wishing or maybe not really convinced that you need to make it, because if you wanted it as bad as you want to breathe, then it's possible. 5- Keep it minimal: Whatever you want to do, so that you have no choice but doing it, for example when it comes to working out, start with 2 to 5 minutes! something too easy to think of saying no to. It's a practice and it's not something you'll ever perfect, you just remind yourself, and forget and remind yourself and that's the fun of it! we're supposed to fail before we succeed. 6- Write it down: To make a change, it's important to keep up a journal, where you write down your decisions, because we make mistakes, learn from them, decide to change and if you're not going to write those decisions down, you'll forget them soon, so what was all the pain for! 7- Ain't no perfect time for what you want to make: You don't need to be ready to do something, all that you need is to take action and do it! and then you'll find out that you were already ready for it, you don't need the perfect moment to do something, you take the moment and make it perfect, else than this, you're only making excuses. 8- It's not enough to make the change: It's great to make a change in your life, but what's even greater is to keep on that change, make its impact last and never get backward, you need to keep reminding yourself of the person you want to be, and you need to keep moving, because unless you're not getting ahead, you're getting backward. 9- Do it again and again: When you decide to change, you'll probably fail and fail hard, don't mind it, do it again and again until you no longer have to think about it. All that it takes is practicing, we try and fail and try again and that's the fun of it, don't hold yourself back and don't lose faith, you can do it all, but you need to get used on it first. Don't get tired of starting all over again each time, and most of all, don't get tired of reminding yourself thousands of times a day of the change you decided. Change the person you are is easy, yet it's a long road, that's why people give up so fast, because they focus on how much they still have to go rather than focusing on how much they've been so far, changing the inside and the outside, only takes few steps and actions, for example to change the outside, having some sports, eating healthier, wasting some weight, changing they way you dress... would definitely do the work, no need for big changes, just small ones added up all together! The change would happen without you even noticing. And whenever you're tempted to act like your old self, remind yourself of all the commitment you made before.

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  1. great tips! sometimes getting the motivation to do something is a big leap but once you start, things start rolling :)