4 Things You Need To Deal With In Your Distance Relationship

Being in a relationship is hard, let alone being in a distance relationship!! there's a lot to deal with and below are some examples:

1- Jealousy: 

As being apart you won't know what he's doing, you may try to make him tell you everything he does through his day, but when you truly love someone, the rest wouldn't be a temptation at all, and the same for him, otherwise the whole relationship isn't worth keeping, you need to trust his love. Feeling jealous and worrying would only break your own heart!

2- Needing him: 

In a case where your partner is really busy, it feels like you're not even in a relationship and so you'll have to take everything as if you were single, literally, I can't tell the difference between being single and in a distance relationship, maybe the thought that you have someone who loves you and that this situation is just temporary, but you still have to set up your own life and focus on other things, because without doing so, your life would be empty, just to be filled with heartaches. So make friends, have a job, work on your dreams and do what you love, go out often and take your own responsibility, no one is supposed to make you happy or to do ou anything, not even your partner, you owe it to yourself! he's not supposed to be there for you and you have no right to expect anything from anyone, the fact that he's not by your side whenever you needed someone doesn't mean that he doesn't love or care about you! it's a matter of attitude after all.

3- Arguments: 

Distance relationship means less communication, which leads to misunderstandings, well the solution is to not try to fix anything, but to just maintain the relationship, when you face a problem, it's okay to not solve it right now, relationships is the only place where problems shouldn't be solved!! if you could only look at the good about everything, you'll find that ain't no problem to be solved in the first place it only exists in your head. Try to see the good about having this kind of relationships, you actually will find enough time to work on your dream, to have friends, to be independent, to be able to stand for him/herself and to be somebody that doesn't count on someone else.

4- Questioning the relationship! 

Whether to keep living like this or to move on to another one! what if I can have a better one? what if not? the answer is when you love each other and he's all what you want that's what makes everything worth it. Every relationship needs to be worked on, moving to another one doesn't necessary means that you'll be happier! just hold on to what matters to you. 

You're not the first to have a distance relationship and of course, you won't be the last, if it's going to work or not, that depends on both of you, when you're willing to do whatever for your love then it will work!

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