The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Relationship Lessons (78 lesson)

Fairytales love is perfect, but the real life love is beyond perfection! if you only can see it! don't wait for the perfect partner, be that perfect partner who's going to see the good about his partner and the good about their relationship, that's something I've learned when I was reading love stories and books, though love there sounded perfect, but what you feel in a real relationship is beyond perfection.

Sometimes you can see clearer when you step outside, through my friends I was able to learn more about relationships when I see them with their partners, so below are things I've learned through watching relationships:

1- First of all, I've learned that you can't see what's wrong about your relationship until you see it from the outside, now that I found that what I most missed was to respect, appreciate, understand, accept and support my partner.

2- I've learned that we live by priorities, that's right but sometimes, we need to be flexible about it and choosing each time, your partner, for example can be a priority, but sometimes you need to choose your work or anything else over him, it doesn't mean that you no longer love him, or that he's no longer important to you, it just a matter of urgent!

3- I've learned that sometimes you won't understand someone until you'll be in his shoes, like you won't understand what your wife is doing for you and for your kids until she leaves and let you do it all by yourself!

4- I've learned that 
a woman needs to work, even if she doesn't need money, work will remind her that she's good at something, so that she'll feel a little spice of her own value and importance, she need it so that she'll give her daughter an example that a woman can be something else than someone's wife, she needs to have a job that when she's divorced, she already have her own life.

5- I've learned that you should not listen to people's judgments and critics when you know the truth.

6- I've learned that respect is the most important principle in a relationship, you need to respect your partner and to respect his decisions.

7- I've learned that every marriage has problems, but it's not about you, both of you are good enough and you don't need a perfect partner, all that you need is to learn how to deal with your problems.

8- I've learned that not just because your marriage has some problem that you think of giving up and making a new life with another one, any relationship needs to be worked on, rather than looking for a better partner, be that one!

9- I've learned that you should never forget that your partner isn't perfect and you should not even to expect perfection from him, if he loves and he's all what you want, then this should be already enough, always be positive and remember first the good things he made to you, even the intention would count and sometimes it is enough!

10- I've learned that before you say that you deserve a better partner, make sure that you're perfect! before deciding to not forgive, make sure that you never make a mistake.

11- I've learned that if he made you feel beautiful, loved and needed on your best days, then you should remind yourself with on your bad day.

12- I've learned that if he loves you and he's willing to prove it, he'll always deserve another chance. Sure you can find something about your relationship that worth the fight.

13- I've learned that everyone wants and deserves to be loved unconditionally!

14- I've learned that it's always easy to wish and to want to break up, when it become real, it's the hardest.

15- I've learned that a relationship is only worth saving, if both parties are willing to do the necessary work to make it better. Not just temporary patch work for a second, then revert back to old ways. But permanent change.

16- I've learned that a relationship where neither party is willing to change is like a stationary bike. The wheels are moving but it's not going anywhere.

17- I've learned that a relationship must be continuously moving forward to make you both better people, both people must grow.

18- I've learned that you shouldn't be staying in something just because it's comfortable, if you are in the same spot in your relationship in year 20, that you were in year then, that is not a relationship worth keeping.

19- I've learned that love is not only words, but also deeds, and you show it when you're willing to change for the one you love.

20- I've learned that no matter how strong you might be, you'll always need your loved ones to lean on, that's why we live in a society.

21- I've learned that if you love each other enough then you'll keep forgiving each other no matter what.

22- I've learned that as a woman, sometimes you need to put your pride aside and do what you have to do, your job in life isn't to sit around and let a man take care of you, you need to have your own job. A real man wants a successful woman, not somebody that's going to strictly live off of him.

23- I've learned that even if you don't share your partner's dreams, you still need to respect it, to take it seriously and to be supportive, you're not together to share the same point of view, or the same dreams, you're together to support each other, even when they don't seem so excited about their dreams, if it was what they truly want then you need to help to push themselves to take actions on their dreams. No one wants to feel like they've lived an unfulfilled life.

24- I've learned that in a relationship you always need to be grateful, show gratitude for your partner when they sacrifice for you, even if you couldn't feel its impact, the intention is what counts. Be appreciative.

25- I've learned that it's okay to lose excitement about your life but it's not okay to settle for that, if there's something that needs to be changed, then go and change it, so you can bring excitement to your life again.

26- I've learned that relationships is about having time together and that doesn't mean sex, it means to do things together and to share, not elaborate expensive gifts or sex, just both of you on a stupid fun date.

27- I've learned that when a conversation is what you need, have it with no drama, no threats.

28- I've learned that when you want to say no, you don't owe anyone any explanation, all what you owe them is let them know that you don't want it.

29- I've learned that Forgiving your partner and trying to work your relationship out would never make you weak, but giving up on your love will.

30- I've learned that overcoming problems through your relationship is a prove that your love is strong enough!

31- I've learned that faithfulness isn't everything in a relationship, sometimes it needs more than that, it needs respect and equal treatment, it needs to make you both get better.

32- I've learned that even when you have a caring partner, you still need to be a somebody, you need to make your job important, and to be independent

33- I've learned that men and women express their love differently, women express their love emotionally, and man do it physically, that makes them feel close to their woman

34- I've learned that we often choose to do what's easy over doing what's right, they may prefer to live in lies than to meet the truth, it's because we're too attached to our comfort zone, but you still can be stronger than this

35- I've learned that to get disappointed by the least person you may think will do, doesn't make him a bad person, sometimes it isn't about the person they are, you know them already, and you need to forgive them because everyone make mistakes, we're nor angles, nor evils.

36- I've learned that in a relationship the size of arguments doesn't matter, having a huge one doesn't mean that it's hard to get back together, and at the same time, having a minor one, can mean that it's over. and for both cases, when you love each other enough, arguments would only strengthen your relationship because you hold on each other a little tighter each time.

37- I've learned that it's not true that history means everything, you can forget all the good someone has been doing for you for one mistake.

38- I've learned that you have the right to be angry, but you shouldn't be taking that aggression out on your partner, especially when you say that you love him. Words can sometimes do more damage than actions, choose them wisely, no matter how angry you are.

39- I've learned that when it comes to your relationship and being with someone you love and you see him as your soulmate, you need to forget about your ego!

40- I've learned that when you know someone is meant for you, when you know nobody else can take their place, then wanting to get back together wouldn't be called begging, it's fighting, there's a difference.

41- I've learned that when you hurt your partner, he would only wants to now that you're willing to fight for him and that you're willing to change for him.

42- I've learned that whenever you want to make a decision, even when you're the one that was hurt, don't be selfish, don't be heartless and forget about the love you once felt for them!

43- I've learned that every relationship should be based on trust, nothing can destroy a relationship like insecurities, jealousy and worries, it's hard to be open to someone you can't trust, when you know that he can cheat on you when temptation calls, that would bring much of drama to your life, and it isn't a healthy way to live by.

44- I've learned that a relationship can't be just peace, love and bliss, it can be full of problems, each time you overcome one, you face another one, and it's alright because the more you overcome, the more you'll understand each other and overcoming problems would only mean that your love is strong enough.

45- I've learned that ain't no relationship is putting you in stress, you do that to yourself, you're the responsible for being happy or miserable, you decide to attach your happiness to your relationship and expect your partner to make you happy, but the truth is that expectation come only with disappointments.

46- I've learned that no matter how bad you pray, plead, beg, believe, people will not change, they only change from themselves, you can't push anyone to be someone else they don't want to be or they're not convinced with, the only thing you can do is to accept the way they are or to walk away!

47- I've learned that men love to have their own life, to hang out with people, and they rarely stick on with their women, but that's okay, because if they really love you, no woman can take your place, you'll always be that special person who they can always lean on! believe in this and stop worrying.

48- I've learned that no matter how made you might be, you should always hear him out before you suspect and jump to conclusions, nothing worse than misunderstanding.

49- I've learned that even when your partner hurts you, you should never remind them of old mistakes they've made, because no matter how bad he hurt you, you know that he loves you and he would never do you any harm on bad intentions, when you forgive, forget and bring peace to your relationship, because you've already crossed that bridge, he's not an enemy, he's not someone to be careful from, he's your soulmate, someone to trust and to be open to!

50- I've learned that even when you're able to take care of yourself and even when you don't need any kind of help, it's okay to show gratefulness when your partner do something for you, even if it doesn't really make a difference, the intention is what counts.

51- I've learned that in a relationship ain't no need for any pride or ego, you can save for other people, but with your partner it would only create distances and misunderstanding, your partner should be someone with whom you can be totally open and not afraid to show any emotions.

52- I've learned that women are taught to take care of her family, and they're not really taught how to receive help or expect to receive it, but you should let your partner help you whenever he offers, it hurts when you want to help someone you love and you get rejected, it feels good to know that the one you love needs you.

53- I've learned that nothing can give more satisfaction as seeing your partner happy with you.

54- I've learned that nothing can destroy a relationship as not trusting each other, make sure to keep up the trust between you both.

55- I've learned that if you don't know the story, then stop jumping conclusions.

56- I've learned that in love all that a woman wants is her man, and not really money, what hurts her isn't not being able to afford for her, but to hold yourself from her because of this, thinking that you don't deserve her or that a man needs to provide for his family, you both think differently and it's okay if you just work it out together! what matters is love.

57- I've learned that having problems and arguments, doesn't mean that your partner doesn't love you no more! he still can be mad at you, but loving you deeply. The same for you.

58- I've learned that being jealous doesn't give you no right to accuse your partner, it hurts to feel un-trusted by someone you love.

59- I've learned that when you've been hurt and you got the apologizing and the making up, don't be too hard, forgive!

60- I've learned that when you start to set up your own life, the beginning won't be easy, you can barely afford for you, let alone a family, there you'll need to support and believe in each other, because money doesn't matter as much as love does.

61- I've learned that "it's something about a real man that no matter how much his woman is willing to give him, he needs to know that he is doing the one thing a man is meant to do, Provide!" but this shouldn't hold you both from loving each other and enjoying time together, life would be full of problems, and you're there to face it together! you're a team! In the meantime, don't abandon your team.

62- I've learned that when someone truly loves you he won't care about your age, your money, he just love you.

63- I've learned that ain't no perfect marriage, it's far from it, but what does matter is that your marriage can give you a reason to wake up every morning.

64- I've learned that when you don't live up to your responsibility as a partner, you may drive the other partner into the arms of another person, there you can't blame them for cheating on you, you should be blaming yourself because it was partly your fault, if you appreciated your partner, he wouldn't have sought attention outside of you.

65- I've learned that we all have feelings, when man doesn't show any emotions, that doesn't mean that he doesn't have any, it's just that we express differently, so don't be rude, no matter how strong your partner may seem, he's hurting inside.

66- I've learned that when someone is not calling or texting or even asking about you, sometimes it doesn't mean that he doesn't care, sometimes it's just about caring differently than what you expect caring should be like! 

67- I've learned that people show love differently, and your main problem is that you're not able to read your partner's nonverbal cues which means to read between the lines, it's to know that he upset when he doesn't say, just from the way he acts.

68- I've learned that being a successful woman, when a man is not, is quite hard for him, because of his pride, even if a woman wouldn't look down at him! he will look down at himself, so you shouldn't be selfish, try to fulfill both of you, your dreams. I'm not saying to not be successful, but to not let it affect your relationship. Let him provide and support even if you can do it better!

69- I've learned that marriage does worth it, it's not easy, but all your flaws doesn't matter, what does is the love, if you love each other enough to forgive and to give a second chance, to make it up, that's what makes it worth it.

70- I've learned that if you have a problem or you feel a certain type of way you should tell your partner, don't take your problems to anybody else but him. You're there to support each other! give it a chance, if he loves you he will listen. Communicate, he can't be there for you if you don't give him a chance to, I know that it's hard to open up to other people, but your partner isn't other people.

71- I've learned that it's rude to be ungrateful for your partner, even if you don't feel like he's doing anything, he might be really doing his best, after all, the intention is what counts.

72- I've learned that having your partner support, sometimes, it can mean everything and it can be all that you needed, it would make everything easier. So don't hesitate to show support whenever you find the chance to.

73- I've learned that it's not true that we can't love, it's just that we can't express well our love, which needs only practicing, try to show love in your deeds and words, that's how you learn to express your love, always be kind, compassionate, and caring.

74- I've learned that most women are hard on their men about showing emotions, but men they also have feelings, and showing them doesn't make them weak, men shouldn't have to live up to some standards of manhood, they hurt just like anyone else and to call them soft or be angry because they show a sign of weakness, shows what type of woman you are! Man's tears doesn't make him less of a man.

75- I've learned that you can't have an honest relationship if you keep judging your partner, let him be himself, and so you, be yourself!

76- I've learned that relationship is a continuous sacrifice to make your partner happy!

77- I've learned that it's okay to be mad at your partner, but that doesn't mean to stop taking care of him and it can never give you the right to hurt him as well.

78- I've learned that whenever people talk about love, they always talk about the butterflies, the excitement and the happy feelings that you get. Nobody explains what happens when that love comes to an end.

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