8 Negative Thoughts Holding You Back From Happiness And Success

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 Life can be so much easier once you become aware of your negative thinking pattern, and start replacing it with positive thoughts. Here are, in no particular order, some negative thoughts you need to replace today for a happier life

#1. I Will Be Happy Once I Have….

We’re constantly on the search for something to make us feel fulfilled. Simply because an outer source of satisfaction seems to us like a lot less effort than searching for an internal one. If you’re not happy right now, where you are, a new car or a new house or a relationship, won’t make you any happier, at least not in the long-term once the excitement of getting something we wanted fades. In fact, after a while, you’ll find out that nothing really has changed in your life. You still have to deal with the same problems you had before. Learn to count your blessings and enjoy the present moment.

#2. I Would’ve Been Happy Had I Been Like …..(someone).

The thing is, social media, nowadays, is showing us the polished version of people. People aren’t sharing their bad moments, which they have, believe it or not, even with the bodies they have and the makeup and clothes they own. While having someone to look up for is important to improve and succeed faster, it never means to make it a condition for your happiness.

#3. I Don’t Think I Have Enough Discipline, Maybe I'll Do It Later.

You don’t need to be ready to start working on your dreams. You take the first step and then you’ll figure things out along the way.

"The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing." -Walt Disney

#4. I Wish I Had Better Life Circumstances.

Putting the blame for the life you’re living on people and your circumstances take control away from you. You start feeling helpless and unable to change anything. The truth is our life is the result of the choices we’ve made, and the ones we didn’t make too. Once you acknowledge that your life is your own responsibility, you start taking control of your life and making your own choices.

#5. This Goal Is Too Big For Me, I Should Be More Realistic.

We always achieve our goals whatever they are, as long as we keep them clear in front of us. If your goal is to reach home after work and watch TV, then you’ll almost certainly achieve it. Nature doesn’t care about the size of your goals, be it small or big, you’ll achieve them. Then why is not everyone successful? because not everyone sets goals or knows how to set clear, written, measurable, time-bounded goals.

#6. I Don’t Deserve This, I’m Not Good Enough.

We’re never perfect, but we don’t need to be. All we need is confidence, and this confidence comes from the belief that we’re good enough, even if someone out there is prettier, smarter, and richer than us. The bottom line, you don’t need anything to feel like you’re worth it. You’re already worthy and this belief is all you need to attract happiness and success into your life.

Look at yourself in the mirror and repeat this affirmation “I am deserving, worthy and entitled to success, happiness, and well being. I have confidence in myself and my abilities to do anything.”. Even when you least believe it, repeating it to yourself will make it a reality in no time.

#7. I Will Never Find Love.

It’s hard to believe that love is around the corner when you’re single. It feels as if the whole world is in love except for you, and that love isn’t meant for you. This sort of inner belief will affect your outer world, you’ll have little confidence in yourself and you might ward away any potential love interests because you’re too busy believing you’re unlovable to reciprocate others’ interest in you. Instead, repeat this affirmation daily until you start believing it “ I am lovable and worthy of receiving love. I’m open to receiving true love.”

#8. I’ll Never Have Enough Money.

Finances are one of the major sources of stress and anxiety and believing that you’ll never make or have enough money will only add to your stress. Such belief will affect your life, it’ll take away from you any motivation to work hard and increase your income. Instead, keep in mind that anyone can be wealthy if they only believed that they can.

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Nothing can compromise your emotional and physical well-being like negative thoughts. Taking control of them and replacing them with positive ones is the first step to change your reality.

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