8 Things Happen When You're Not His Priority

When we’re into someone, it’s only normal to put him in front of anyone and anything else. However, when our interest isn’t reciprocated and you find yourself coming second and third to other things in his life, you might end up feeling hurt and not have your needs met.

Below are some things that happen when you're not his priority:

#1. You feel lonely most of the time.

 When you're not a priority, he probably won’t call much and will take long before he replies on your texts. All while giving you the excuse of being busy. You'll constantly feel lonely. So you spend time thinking about how much you miss him until eventually, you start feeling resentful. More importantly, it's hard to believe that he truly loves you when he’s not making much effort to be with you.

#2. You are the one who's making the sacrifice, while you get nothing in return.

 You help and you’re there for him all the time, but you get nothing in return. When you're not feeling well and need his support most, you find none.

#3. You're always the wrong person and the one to blame.

As you become irritated and angry at the fact that he’s never around, you try to be assertive and explain how much hurt you are because of his neglect. However, he won’t be able to see the problem and he might accuse you of not being understanding and supportive.

#4. You probably are accused of being too dramatic.

He probably chooses to spend time with friends rather than with you. And you find it dishonest that he’ll give you the busy excuse while he’s out there enjoying his time with friends. If you start an argument, he might just leave in the middle of it and accuse you of being too dramatic.

#5. You feel that you’re being listened to.

You have so much to tell him and so little time to do so. You expect him to flood you with questions about how was your day and what have you been up. Yet, he doesn’t even seem the least bit interested in what you’re telling him. He might even cut you off and change the subject or ask you to leave it for later.

#6. You find yourself uninvited to most if any of his important events.

When you try to find ways to spend more time together, you might be willing to share him with friends or family members. Yet, he puts you off each time giving excuses such as, it’s guys’ time, you’ll get bored quickly, maybe next time…

#7. You try to accept the fact that you’ll never be a priority.

Because you love him and you can’t imagine your life without him, you might start adapting yourself to the situation. You might try to convince yourself that it’s for the best. After all, he needs to be busy and work hard, right? Not so sure. But you try to busy yourself too and find solace in other activities and interests.

#8. You get to a point when you realize that he’s not that into you and you take your business somewhere else.

After trying hard to take care of yourself and busy yourself with new activities and interests, you get to a point when you realize that you’re not satisfied emotionally. The relationship is taking so much of your energy and peace of mind that it becomes draining. You realize that your needs will never be met, no matter how many promises he makes to spend more time with you. You start thinking to yourself that maybe you’re better off alone.

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3 commentaires

  1. This is me to THE T!!! ALWAYS GETTING PUT ON THE BACK BURNER when the FRIENDS come first before the WIFE! !

    1. It's his loss, you deserve way too better. You're worth all the care in the world, if you only let go of what's hurting you so that something better takes its place.

  2. This is exactly what I'm going through right now...Thanks for the great advice!